Captain_Raven123 for Arborfield

Captain_Raven123 for City Council of Arborfields

Fellow Residents of Arborfield,

I’m Raven Murphy, but players know me as ‘Captain_Raven123’ within Roblox and discord. I’m proud to announce that I have decided to run for city councilor in an attempt to serve my hometown. I am ready to do anything I can to help people get along and start making a better future to improve our lives, and for our city to grow. I’m not someone who understands some rare words being stated in the government, but that does not mean I’ll never try to acknowledge how the government works and what words they use for us to recognize what they’ll do to legitimately govern our city. I would love to ask for your support in order for me to reach the ballot for the upcoming election for city councilor of Arborfield to help you people get what you desire, and hopefully when I get elected, our city will be in good hands.

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How specifically can you help grow the city, help people get along, and improve peoples lives in Arborfield?

You need to send them your speech link, don’t ask them to just support you when they don’t exactly know what they’re gonna support.

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Very active individual in the business industry, support

Oh sure!

They work for my business, and very experience in activity. Support!

user regularly shows erratic and occasionally inflamatory conduct in SOF discord. no support

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support, seen hes very active not only in firestone but in other ronations too.


activity aint everything my guy, 'specially with government

ik, but it’s a factor

User not on ballot. Did not post speech on election guidelines.

Vote here.