Cannot purchase dodge charger in shop [v2]


Unable to purchase Dodge Charger in the Car Dealership

The Problem:
The box that is supposed to allow me to purchase the dodge charger is not appearing, it is only appearing without the box to let me purchase it. It will not let me click said box either. The box only stays the default dark gray, and does not change colors when you hover over it to purchase the vehicle.

Expected Result:
What result is expected that is causing the problem?
I should be allowed to click the box and a purchase prompt should come up so I can purchase the vehicle.
Reproduction Steps:
What are the steps to reproduce the problem?

  1. Go into the car dealership in V2
  2. Attempt to purchase a Dodge Charger, the Frame to purchase it will not appear and you will not be able to purchase the vehicle.


it’s a glitch that’s not the real car.
This should be.

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This glitch still exists and needs to be fixed in V2


its just a small visual bug, not a massive problem


yes it’s not a big deal
however it is confusing for players that are trying to buy that car and it doesn’t work