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I personally think the Founders should be more aware of the businesses when they update the game. They should not only be thinking about the pros, when they update V2, they should also think about the cons. It is effecting a lot of businesses. I know they said they aren’t updating V2 anymore but it looks to me that they still are updating it and ruining businesses. Let me show you examples of how they are ruining it.

Example 1 - Vincey’s
Vincey’s did not exist a few months ago and a business called “Firestone Stake House” used to own the property. However, Fed updated it and changed it to Vincey’s. That has effected the Firestone Stake House business AND it is also taking up a business space. Someone probably wants to open the business but however Fed doesn’t allow that because it is reserved for someone who never uses the building or anything. Here is the trello card.

Example 2 - Big Blue Adventures
The game has just been updated lately and a Founder has added a Art & Craft’s decal to a business called Big Blue Adventures. The arts & crafts logo looks really shitty, they could’ve done better. However, they should’ve never changed it and added the sign now because the building and the business doesn’t match. Here is the trello. and here is the updated decal.

TLDR: When they update, they need to think about the pros and cons because it’s effecting businesses as well.


bruh so goddam true. tons of great businesses have been ruined by this.


also, what was the point of changing a PERFECT restaurant building to a now has to be reserved for fed but will never be used again… like…


Ikr it’s not like Vincent or whatever the name was is magically gonna come join the discord server and say hey come down to Vince’y for a shift.


hire a v2 developer


They said they’re not working on V2 anymore.

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I definitely agree. Also, maybe check the Trello every once and a while and see what you can do to cater buildings to the businesses that own them. Not the contrary.


I agree.


I agree I wouldn’t want devs to come and mes up my property


They said they have v2 developers and v3 developers.


This is really true, I don’t even have a building because they either don’t have interior or it already has a name on it, and all good buildings are mostly owned by dev support business or other business which affects new business since they can’t have a simple building to do operations, it’d be nice if developers just allowed us to change the name or title of some buildings or added simple interiors to some buildings, some business are really great and can bring so much to Firestone but all the lack of support and help just brings them down, losing motivation, etc.


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