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Burnin’ Hot Dogs is a business established in 2023 in the State of Firestone and founded by q2uuii. Our primary goal is to offer delicious hot dogs inlcuding other types of food and beverages to the individuals stationed at Redwood, ensuring exceptional performance, professionalism, and excellent customer service.

Interested in working?
Firestone Burnin' Hot Dogs

• Must be ranked Middle Class Citizen+ in the Firestone group
• Must be in the Discord and in Roblox Group in order to apply
• Must have access to play the main game
• Must be willing to demonstrate dedication towards the business

Benefits of becoming an employee:

• We provide an excellent starting program towards your Firestone Career
• Opportunity to grow up in experience and maturity
• Meeting new people and making new friends
• Easy promotion chances and easy money-making
• Land property located in Redwood including food, drinks and a realistic building interior

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i do not think burning hotdogs are good, they should not be burning


Cool business! Good luck!

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