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Businesses were getting development support in V2 but as focus turned to V3 and the developers are more concerned about getting that completed than working on V2, development help for businesses declined. When callme_kind was hired, development for business was improved but now that he has stepped down, it has once again declined and I feel there should be something in place for businesses as Commerce are accepting businesses and giving land to them but they aren’t getting the support from the dev team.

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you know callmekinds stuff was for v3 and not v2

I was told he did V2 work for businesses as well as working on V3.

nothing he did was added into v2

Callme_Kind did not work on v2. And I wouldn’t even call what we have development support for all businesses. Good businesses get rewards which I am completely fine with, but I certainly would not call that business dev support. Also all work on v2 is now just supposed to be bug fixes, but fed and the co founders are the only ones with access to v2. I say just hold off until v3 for dev support.

Since I am friends with the CEO of CGoF he told me that he was the one contacted by the Co-Founders about Business Dev Support, he did not reach out to anyone about it. I believe this is how it should be, the co-founders and founder offering to develop for Business as they see fit.


V3 developers

a. Do not work on v2
b. Have been working on v3 since 2018

callme_kind was hired for v3 commerce business interiors, not v2.

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Main reasons businesses like Snac-ee’s, CGF, Hot Bloxton, Quest, Original Pizza and Mini-Kart have gotten Dev support is due to not only how much community attention they’ve gotten, how active they are and how long they’ve stayed alive and the fact Fed sees potential in them to grow.

Now i’m not trying to shit on other businesses in Commerce, but from all the inspections i’ve done in my 6+ months of being in FDoCM, about 80% of them have either shutdown, moved out of FS or are EXTREMELY inactive.

Now I shall give a few examples of how businesses that I listed above have survived and continue to strive.

Hot Bloxton - AtlanticCanuck is a developer so obviously it’s going to do well, considering Dev’s can add as many buildings as they want, on top of that, Atlantic has been in the FS community for a shit ton of time and has some clout attached to his name so it’s no surprise that the business would do well.

Snac-ee’s - Okay, as someone who is the Co-Owner at Snac-ee’s i’m not going to try to flex our stuff cause that would be extremely disrespectful, but, really the main reason that Snac-ee’s got Dev Support was because we knew the right people and, even though we are seen as inactive due to the fact we don’t host mass shifts, our employees do their own shifts and if your on at the right time then they are there and available to role play.

Mini Kart - …This business is one of the few older businesses from FS’s past and it continues to thrive due to being involved in multiple events around the state, on top of that, since its old Fed has more respect for it.

Capital Gas - CGF has to be the most creative business in my own eyes (Other then Stapleton Power) and has accomplished something that not many other businesses has done, on top of that, it’s an business that not many people have tried to do and even before the refinery RP update, Faach still found ways around those roadblocks.

Quest - A lot like Mini Kart and CGF, it has been around for a while and has a business idea that not many other people have tried in the past and if they have then they haven’t exactly succeeded at it.

Original Pizza - All I can really say for this one is the fact it’s super active hence it’s kinda obvious why they would get a large amount of Dev Support.

NOW I WANT TO MAKE IT CLEAR: Don’t let this post discourage you from making a business, just as a bit of a tip from someone in Commerce, think outside of the box when it comes to business idea planning and make sure to be dedicated to running the business, THAT will help you get the recognition of the Founder and maybe YOU could get Dev Support.


actually mini kart never got dev support. i liked the color green and wanted something food related so i picked it. our update did not have to do with dev support at all (not that i know of) because a ton of other places in county got renovated, such as toys for kidz which nobody owns

Still doesn’t change the fact y’all have been around for AGES!

yes oldest business and mr. @Gamegamerz68 owns the longest licensed business (68 gaming logistics) bc mini kart was shutdown in fall/early winter of 2019 and none of us have gotten dev support. were not complainin since were not that active tho

good point

68 Gaming Logistics is still around?

Yes but very inactive

I was told that callme_kind was working on V2 businesses as well as V3 so that’s why I made this post but it turns out not, so I apologise. It does however raise the question of why allow commerce to function and give out properties if they’re not gonna receive any dev support in V2? Some businesses like land owned by previous businesses so they’re having to use the building but with old decor. I get that businesses will be supported in V3 though.

You hit the nail on the head, @RGB_Flames. Being the owner of Quest Expeditions, it’s been quite a journey the last year and a half trying to establish ourselves and learn how to successfully carry out our mission of providing entertaining jeep adventures around the county. We started with a unique business concept that solved a problem and provided a service for Firestone citizens (solve boredom; provide entertainment), then what we had left was to straighten out our branding, develop our processes, and find ways to boost activity. Once all of those aspects fit together just right, the Founders recognized what we were doing and reached out to us to reward us with an upgraded building along with custom jeeps.

On top of having a solid business concept, having catchy branding, actively participating in/hosting events, and documenting those events on social media is CRUCIAL. Twitter worked wonders for us. Being able to reach out to our audience and show how we’re impacting the community is what got us noticed.

@FoxyTheWereFox it’s important to recognize that even though all businesses aren’t receiving support, it’s so amazing that the developers are opening up support to any businesses in the first place. The last few months have been insanely successful for Commerce because no business has ever received anything like this in the 4 years Firestone has been around. If someone has a dream of receiving development support, it’s no longer impossible! Follow the advice we’ve listed above and keep grinding until you’re noticed - if not in V2, then V3 is right around the corner.

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I don’t own a business but it’s just a general thing I’ve noticed and other people have also been saying the same things so I wanted to make a forum post on it to address/get facts/opinions.

literally if fed hired me I would be able to do some basic business support :roll_eyes:

(with buildings, I can’t really script so can only do basic scripting support)

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