Bus Suggestions for V3


Couple suggestions I thought of for buses since drivable trains have been killed off

  • More models of buses
  • Electric buses??
  • Ability for riders to request to stop, so buses don’t waste time if nobody gets off the bus and nobody is waiting at the stop
  • Working LED signs that can show things like the route and direction, as well as other messages like “Not in service” and stuff like that
  • An app on the phone a la NYC’s MyMTA that shows where buses are (and maybe how long until they get to the stop if it’s possible to make that)
  • Bendy buses like this (SPE+ possibly)
  • This bus route I spent a ridiculous amount of time on

    This map has 3 routes, 1 for each main city. The stops are arranged in a way that each route enables riders to get to pretty much every point of interest in every city with minimal walking. The stops at train stations are marked in green. The 3 routes are also connected by the Prom route at the beach and at FIA, so if there’s 3 DOT on running each route, you could in theory go from Hillview all the way to Redwood without a car in a reasonable amount of time by getting on the Prom bus at the beach and the RW bus at the airport. This route shouldn’t require a ton of work to make, just placing benches and signs at each stop and fixing the text for each. They’re already made, some of the job is done
  • I would color code these signs how I did in the map, basing the colors for each route off of the city’s colors

I think these changes would make the department more attractive to join and maybe even bring back some of those that left because of the train news
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give me heavy rail transit



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Support articulated bus