Borealis_l for Prominence District Council

I’m Borealis_l and you may not have seen me around Prominence and Firestone a lot as I’m a rather newer member. Though I hope that doesn’t discourage you from making the right choice and voting for me.

In terms of my current plans for Prominence I hope to put forth my past leadership expertise in order to support any of your issues, complaints or other grievances concerning the state of Prominences government or general quality. In addition to just trying to be open-minded towards your issues I also plan on introducing legislation that’ll help improve resident quality of life and the quality of the Prominence Library in hopes to help boostemphasized text community interaction between the library and Firestone itself. To sum it up I want to build a resident focused Prominence and I’ll put in as much effort as it takes in order to improve Prominences quality of life for both residents and residing businesses.

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support, good luck

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