BoopJack for County Council - 2024 - 1

Hello, Residents of Stapleton County,

I am BoopJack. I am currently running for one of the spots on the County Council. I have been a member of this great state for around 2 / 3 years now. I am currently in the FDPW as a Senior Public Employee, and as a APD K9 Officer.

Firestone experiences -

Current and past Non-Government positions:

  • Stapleton County Council: Councilman (Former) - Single term

  • Arborfield Police Department: K9 Officer (Current)

  • Department of Public Works: Senior Public Employee (Current)

  • Department of Transportation: Public Employee (Former)

  • Firestone Aviation Administration (Former)

Firestone Businesses:
I have been and still am in many citizen-run businesses within the State of Firestone, I would like to show my support to these businesses as I have had many amazing experiences with these businesses.

  • Iconic association
  • Sparks Snow
  • Spectra Pipeline Management
  • Robricks
  • The Little Cup

My Plans:

While apart of the County Council I plan on passing new laws in support of the citizens for the county with my fellow County Council members. My main plan is to assist our businesses any way possible as businesses are the life blood of our very state and county.


As a returning councilman, I hope to do what was done before but better for Stapleton County. I will ensure that I can work with my fellow members of the County Council, and ensure the safety of our citizens.

/s/ BoopJack

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Support to the former councilman! Best of luck making the ballot!

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I support, just a little bit

Bowsercube supports

My man’s leaving it out late. Support

XxSourceLawxX Supports









Election concluded. See voting: City Mayor & County Council Voting, 2024-1