Boat refueling doesn't work [v2]

The Problem:
Whenever I use my speedboat or jetski and go to either of the refueling pads, nothing happens when I click on the fuel pumps. I tried being inside of it then clicking on it, parking the boat, going out of the boat, spamming the pumps, repositioning the boat, hold clicking the pumps… nothing works. I’m out of fuel on my speedboat now…

Expected Result:
Be able to click on the pumps and refuel the boat when near the pumps / on the fuel pads.

Reproduction Steps:
Go to the civ docks fuel pumps and click on either of the pumps (seems to work for other people, not for me)


I have had a similar problem, seemed to go away after a few days.
I remember watching @co55ie ‘s stream and seeing the same problem

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