Beyond Stapleton County


What’s beyond Stapleton County is the State of Firestone just one county? Or is there at least one other count? We need answers


We need Firestone as an actual entire State lore. Our lore is so Stapleton County focused fr


Ye to be honest what even is the state map

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imagine a carbon copy of the state of colorado


But how

I think that, in terms of maintaining activity and staffing governments/departments/businesses, this wouldn’t work. It’s already hard to find where the action is on the big V2 map, and it’ll be harder with a whole extra county or two added. Plus, if the devs can’t even make V3, it’ll be IMPOSSIBLE for them to make a whole extra county.

I support though.

This is why we need to invade and annex another state/county so the devs don’t need to work on v3 if we just annex a game.


paperweight county

This isn’t a dev suggestion? It’s just asking what could be in the state other than the just one county

I think we should focus on developing and improving our existing land before looking about getting more