Better steering and new controls in V3


For V3, we should have better steering and new car controls. For example, instead of pressing S to reverse, we would have to press F until our gear goes down all the way and then W to reverse, then press R to change the gear up so it goes forward. Along with that, if we stop pressing W, the car should still move depending on how fast the speed is instead of stopping right away. Finally, the steering should be better so we don’t ‘reckless’ drive like the wheels move left or right very fast, it should be a little slower

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Define “better” steering, as slower doesn’t exactly explain it to most developers, let alone other players.
You seem to be wanting a system used in most freemodels which honestly sucks majorly and detracts from the main game play of Firestone. The use of not having to shift into reverse is smoother, and just creates an interesting mechanic you either work with or against. The cars do currently still move after you release W and slow down.
Either way, the V3 chassis is pretty much at completion from what I’ve seen, most likely tweaks will be done, but nothing is perfect, to attempt to please every individual will result in V3 not coming out of beta until 2022.

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The v3 driving is currently definitely not ‘at completion’, (or at least I definitely hope so!).

I don’t think going into the reverse gear is a good idea, but the current braking and reversing system in v3 is pretty irritating. Reversing is too slow, pressing S sometimes puts you in reverse and sometimes brakes you, it’s really not nice. The steering angle of most vehicles is too large, too much input lag, etc.

it would be nice if S at least was just brakes, then after u stop S becomes reverse
and please god do not tell me the current driving system is final because god is it terrible to drive


no. just no.

This is the current system actually, it just works unreliably (50% of the time it works, the other 50% it goes into reverse).

V3 steering is nearly as trash as the V1 steering, if not worse. The high sensitivity is really retarded, and the constant shaking of the vehicle as you turn left and right makes it seem like it’s taken inspiration from Cameron Boyce. Knowing the developers, they’d probably make a “steer better” gamepass for like 300 robux just so you can drive straight.

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v1 steering was good

If you have a problem with the fucking steering, you can see me in person instead of talking shit on the forums. As far as I’m concerned, this “post” you made holds no suggestive value. This is my first time developing a chassis as advanced as this, so of course you can expect bugs. We’re not going to make a “steer better” gamepass - that’s the only “retarded” thing here.

To everyone who has anything to say about the v3 vehicle mechanisms, gladly see my DMs and I can tell you about what I plan on changing, steering being one of them. Of course it’s not a final system. Of course it has bugs and needs changes. That’s why it’s in alpha, and as an alpha player you purchased the game knowing that it’d be incomplete, to expect bugs, and to expect changes. As I’ve said before and I’ll say again to everyone, I appreciate all forms of criticism, but posts like in which their only purpose is to complain or talk complete shit about somebody else’s work is when you need to cut it out.

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shit now im going against lidels.

my bad for talking shit but like I still voiced my opinion. :rofl:

who the fuck was talking shit on forums, it was a suggestion, let me repeat, a SUGGESTION


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