Baron_Natertot8425 For Senate

Hello Fellow Firestonians,

  • Experiences

Let’s get down to the chase or the nitty gritty as some cringey app hosts would call it. Firstly, I attempted and somewhat did put up a minor opposition against Governor OfficerVideoGame while he was running for Governor. Full Term senator starting in Mid-September in October and Councilman of the County from the Midsummer up to getting elected into the Senate. Other experiences not within Firestone is owning and operating one of the largest Russias in Roblox, Ambassador from that same Russia to an active America Group and several others.

  • Plans for office

Now as many of you know throughout the past term of mine, We have accomplished several great pieces of legislation and several extremely bad pieces. I attempt on fully fixing the County Government within this term. Helping assist the Executive Branch and the people in either dismantling the Department of Boating and Waterways or attempting a major overhaul. But as per my statements and normal plans for action within Firestone and whenever I hold office. I barely have my own agenda apart from 2 items which are several of my main terms goals. Over the past term, I have also established relationships with many of the people in the Senate and House making is a lot easier to communicate. But my number one priority is you the people. This is not some kind of game show where politicians come up with the best things they think for their citizens! This is a state of which the citizens tell us to do because frankly, a lot of the Senate forgets this and that we serve the people and no one else.

Council Term:

Thank you!



Full support


Support. Glad to see you again.

Support from titian nation via discord


Baron seems like a good Candidate considering he was in Senate before. But then again Citizen’s choose wisely

A felony on your record isn’t a good image. Just trying to state the facts. Good luck.

I love how you post something from over 3 months ago are I’ve commented on this exact case multiple times. Congratulations you can look at the databases





no commies allowed bye


Election has ended