Baron & Bayaning for Gov

“Ensuring FS, Doesn’t collapse!”

Good Afternoon, my fellow citizens of Firestone. Today, I would like to announce my campaign to the Office of Governor to ensure the State of Firestone does not collapse under weak leaders, corruption, or any other things of that sort. We will execute this by electing competent civilians for once into the office this term, which does not just include the Office of Governor, but also the entirety of Congress and the Cabinet. We can do this, by electing a competent governor who will be able to oversee Firestone proceed into its golden days as such as the days of Governor Rolerain. We will not lie to the public, nor pull any fast ones but we will attempt to be as fully transparent as possible. Yours electing your own Governor, so you should remain informed with the plans regarding the future of Firestone.

Stapleton County Council
Senate of Firestone
Secretary of State

(Still Baying still authoring)

The Cabinet, as of now, I find is an expert example of a Governor’s administration at its finest, and I attempt to keep the cabinet like that. We, under my administration, shall further develop the departments and attempt to work with the developers to give some of those departments meaning. Under my administration, we will ensure though, that the cabinet members are not acting under acts of corruption and doing their jobs to their fullest. We shall, under my administration, properly work with the secretaries as well ensuring they are getting done what they need to be done. I will now list the majority of all departments and what we are planning to do with them in no particular order:

Department of State: The Department of State has continued to thrive in Foreign Relations. The Department of State will continue to thrive, and better our relations with foreign or-nations. We will ensure that our state security is taken seriously and that our trusted allies have our best of interest in mind. We will not settle for anything but the best, and that will come with hard sought out treaties that benefit the State of Firestone. I will select the best candidate for Secretary that will continue the wonderful duties of my former office.

Department of Transportation: Overall, the department of transportation needs more employees but also urgently needs buses and other things to operate, leaving a majority of their needs in the developer’s hands

Department of Public Safety: Overall, Good HICCOM but needs minor reforming and needs their abilities to be clearly written out by law as it is constantly getting confused.

Department of Transportation: All they need is are some busses according to their awesome secretary of which hopefully they will get.

Department of Aviation: Once they gain an airport, the department should run smoothly under their current secretary and we have the intent of keeping their current HICOMM.

Department of Commerce: The Department of Commerce, as of now, has no way to prevent someone from making an unofficial business. The only thing they can do, gives businesses a location. I want to try and change that, by making the Department of Commerce more useful, and more power on managing business representatives.

Department of Corrections: (Sorry for not filling this out earlier) The Department of Corrections has spiraled down into darkness recently after its boom. They need dedicated officers and overall need some improvement. The Administration shows potential but needs to get themselves active once more.

Department of Justice: The overall department needs to be worked on as well, as it has gone slightly inactive but it can easily be fixed, It just needs some overall basic reforms by the law and cooperation from the judicial branches in their cases instead of barely talking with them.

Homeland Security: Overall a great agency! But several of their divisions must become more active to ensure that they are efficient, Along with that though they will have to be more open to the Public about what they are not doing to stuff that will NOT compromise statewide security. But doing so will show FS overall, that they are a worthy enough department of staying.

Department of Health: It needs to get more active which is simple, give them the legal task of managing the hospital and they will be allowed to oversee EMT cert’s for other departments while doing so.

FBI: They may need to clean up their act slightly, But overall they are efficient enough for now but we will be ensuring transparency and not, constant classification of random stuff.

National Guard: Reform their jurisdiction, and allow them to pursue in chases people until they reach the docks. As per request at them, they would like to have jurisdiction to the docks to ensure the safeness of FS, and as well as police presence being less back there.

Department of Public Works: They have a great HICCOM, but need more definitions by the law, along with more development work that needs to be put into them. As with enough development I see their department thriving which is why we will attempt to communicate with developers to our finest.

POST: The previous section on POST, was written on behalf of rumors in the discord and I am sorry on behalf of my campaign for that. Overall POST was been an outstanding department which has drastically improved itself over the course of the past few months and under my administration we expect for those improvements to proceed.

FIRESTONE STATE PATROL: The Firestone State Patrol, the largest and arguably most active department, has been thriving and succeeding under their new Superintendent dragon2290. I see personally FSP operating fine under its current administration but stay fully open to the public’s’ requests and their Gold Command’s request.

Overall though, Departments simply aren’t the only priority, But the Citizens are and the way the citizens manage to get their word across easiest is through Congress. We will ensure constant relations with Congress under my administration and we will be in constant talks and communications through with them telling them our plans under our administration and how we would like Congress to respectfully push them through, As In my term I do not plan to heavily use Executive Orders.

Apart from Executive Orders, my administration will ensure transparency as the previous terms have failed to follow through which promises of which promise this. We will declassify pointless things that are classified and we will do weekly reports on the status of the entire Executive branch along with having Departments release their own reports.

Overall, the Executive Branch will attempt to model itself after the Executive Branch Under Former Governor Rolerain, Overall to increase the output of the Executive Branch and efficiency of the government.

As stated in other sections the Executive branch will ensure constant communication with the Legislative Branch. We will do this by releasing reports to them as well on the status of the Executive branch and its departments. We will also ensure Lt. Governor Faded will proceed to ensure the Senate is active by appointing a suitable President of the Pro Tempore with lots of sessions.

Regarding the House of Reps, We will remain in active communication with them as well, and as soon as Possible we will host Speaker of the House elections to ensure they are active as well to the fullest potential possibility and extent. We will also remain heavily in touch with them regarding the status of the Executive Branch.

The Judicial Branch shall be HEAVILY communicated with to ensure we are following the law as much as possible and we will be nominating as many justices that are seen qualified by the Chief Court Justice are nominated to ensure the activity of said branch.

Thriving under County Executive Sir_Mr, We expect for that to proceed and we will work with Congress to ensure their duties are expanded more as they become more competent over time. This overall will see an increase of realism as more and more duties are designated to them relieving Congress of their unnecessary duties, such as regulating road laws.

We, Under my administration, will not play politics, but getting the needs of the people across and made clear to Congress and our departments as long as they are reasonable. I will go in the county, a lot, communicating with the FS Citizens weekly on what they want to be changed and I will not be obsessive over Security unlike other governors have been in the past.

I have renounced all of my political affiliations, Several days before joining the State Department, I will not be running under any political party as I find the establishment of them disgusting in itself and hope one day majority of them will be forgotten and fall apart like the former Communist Party has done.

Senator Bayaning


Speech still being worked on!

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Not under State Government’s Jurisdiction.

That is under the County Government

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Good meme.

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Stapleton County Fire Department.

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As Secretary of State, Baron has showed constant dedication towards the State of Firestone. He is more than qualified to be the Governor. Faded although some may not agree with how be received AW, he has done good.

Deputy Secretary of State


support because faded is a meme



Former FDOT Public Employee
FDOS Diplomatic Security Service

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that motto is so :b:asic

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We will change it momentarily

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Faded will meme-ify FS

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You have a complete ignorent stance on POST. You want to fire me and all of my staff over our reform. You clearly haven’t taken the time to research what it did, and what were doing.

There was no mass demotion. Someone accidentally demoted people, but this was reversed.

No support. You will ruin post and other departments


Post Director that is not my intention.

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not supporting due to your incompetence in the grammatical field


You know POST is the main thing so, people can get into a law enforcement department.

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I am aware which is why the issue was a major issue when the mass demotion occured

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Well Max, has worked so hard and has done many hours making POST what it is right now after the old directors and etc.


I understand which is why, he has served as one of the longest serving POST Director

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There was no mass demotion.

POST is running great. If you want to reform the entire academy because someone didn’t follow correct orders, I don’t believe you are competent enough to manage departments. Cadet quality is dramatically improving after the enter and final exams being implemented.