B.A.R. Act of 2023

It’s B.A.R.


Caleb you are stupid.

Support. Will forward to congress immediately.


Amen Caleb! I love being a B.A.R

Chief Sponsor: Senator AydenJulien
Co-Sponsor: B.A.R. Certified Attorney FinleyFraser12345, B.A.R. Certified Attorney Anarchysine, District Court Judge & B.A.R. Certified Attorney SirCalebXVI

Be it enacted by both chambers of Congress,
(a) It is B.A.R.

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I think you made a crucial mistake here. It’s actually B.a.r.

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The Office of the Attorney General formally denounces anyone who uses the term “bar” (in reference to legal certification to practice) incorrectly on purpose.

Good day.

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it’s actually B-A-R. duh

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