AviatorDominus for County Council

Hello Everyone! My name is AviatorDominus and I am a long member of the state. I come forward today to express to will to run for County Council. Most of you know my name around the county and I promise you you will not be disappointed if you support me.
I currently hold many qualifications for this position. First and foremost, I have worked with most of the state in many of the departments and I have seen the struggle of many. I’ve worked with the Sheriff’s Department, Stapleton County Fire Department and many others within the state. I’ve held out a full term in the House of Representatives within the state, aswell as I was the First Secretary of Health for the state. These are just some of the positions I’ve held within the state
FDOT: Employee
SCFD: Firefighter/Paramedic
SCSO: Deputy
FSP: Trooper
FDOH: Secretary of Health
DoC: Corrections Officer
SoF: House of Representatives (FULL TERM)
FNG: Major
FDHS : Federal Protective Service Agent
FDoJ: Attorney

As you have read, I’ve been around the block and I’ve seen everything. I will be a councilman that works for YOU! I am here to listen and make sure YOUR voices are heard. Everything you say and do matters! YOU decide how the county runs, YOU make the decision for how I am within this county. YOU make the change for Stapleton County. Many of our current issues that have been presented within the county have my support. I will be the one who listens to you.

As someone with plenty of experience within the state and government, I feel that I will be a great servant to YOU! We need someone with plenty of knowledge and well-being of the government and I will not stand for a government that doesn’t listen to its people. YOU matter and WE will make change! Support AviatorDominus for County Council and YOU won’t be disappointed!




Go vote for your new county council members.