Ash1835 & Joshernaut for Firestone!

2020 April Gubernatorial Election

Ash1835 for Governor of the State of Firestone & Joshernaut for Lieutenant Governor of the State of Firestone

Party Affiliation: Republican ( R )

Campaign Discord:

Table of Contents:

  1. Introduction to the Candidates
  2. Executive Branch
  3. Legislative Branch
  4. Judicial Branch
  5. Goals
  6. Conclusion

I. Introduction to the Candidates:

Ash1835 - Gubernatorial Candidate

(skip to section V if you want us to cut to the chase) No intent letter to run, what? Yes, it is I Ash1835 and Letters of Intent are boring and it has been a true honour to be trusted and elected to both Lieutenant Governor and Governor in the last 8 months. With much consideration and reflection, I’ve concluded that a 2nd term for my administration would be beneficial to the continued growth and prosperity of our state. For those who do not quite know who I am and what I stand for I’m Ash1835, a true Firestone patriot walking up the capitol steps since May 2016. Throughout my career, I’ve represented myself as a strong Conservative voice for citizens that care deeply about our economics, military, gun ownership and of course things that any politician should do regardless of party affiliation, strong activity, competency, and respect. I know my way around the streets of politics pretty well and I’ll gladly accept the opportunity to represent your values, our state and our freedoms once again if elected, I ask you for this once more.

My most notable jobs:

x 4 County Executive

x 2 Representative

x 1 Speaker of the House

x 2 Department of Boating and Waterways Secretary

x 1 Lieutenant Governor

x 1 Governor

Joshernaut - Lieutenant Gubernatorial Candidate

Hello, I am Joshernaut. I joined the State of Firestone in February of 2018. I have been in a lot of positions within my time here, which gives me a lot of experience and knowledge about lots of departments. Some key positions I have held include the following:

-Sitting Speaker of the House, Firestone 11th & 12th Congress

-Current Major in the Firestone National Guard

-Former Sergeant in the Firestone Department of Corrections

-Former Representative, Firestone 9th Congress

-Former Mayor of Prominence

-Former County Councilman

I began in early 2018, going through POST and graduating in Class 35. I immediately applied to SCSO and spent my time there until November. I also became an Instructor in POST, until resigning in early January of 2019. I joined FSP in January, spending my time there until about March, where I resigned and ran for the House of Representatives. I also enlisted into the Firestone National Guard, where I am a Major to this day. I as well joined DoC in January, where I became a Sergeant and only resigned a couple of months ago. I joined DoT and spent a month and a half there, before resigning to make more time for congress. I have been in the House of Representatives for 2 back to back terms now, and I have been lucky to be Speaker of the House for both. It has been the greatest honor representing you in the House of Representatives for that time. I feel I can spend this next term representing you, the people, as Lieutenant Governor of this State. Thank you.

II. Executive Branch:

The Executive Branch has had it’s ups and downs this term. Including issues with peace agencies, possible department conflicts etc. However great gains were made on new employment opportunities such as the addition of the FBI which is and continues to be an exciting career path for v3. I plan to fully implement the Firestone Parks Service in a second term (finally) if I haven’t already by the time my first term is over as all the plans and logistics are put into place. Last campaign I wanted to induce state-isolationism, although I still hold some of these values, I believe it’s good to meet with our allies and friends to ensure peace amongst us, and it’s something we will continue to pursue as long as the general public approves and the states we deal with are stable.

Under my administration, I find it’s best to have less government intervention in departments and let the department heads run their respective department how they see fit whilst still monitoring what is occurring. With that being said I am not afraid to take Executive action against any department if problems do arise or for any other plausible reason. Onto any remaining judicial and justice concerns. Attorney General UprisingAmerican has continued to lead the Department of Justice down the right road, and Chief Court Justice Skye_Jones has ushered the Firestone Courts into a new era and will continue to lead strongly into next tenure. For the majority of our term, I plan to increase oversight on all those employed within the executive branch, especially with our peace agencies to ensure its effectiveness and prevent the issues that it has struggled with in the past from reoccurring. In terms of Cabinet meetings, we plan to utilize them to a fuller extent. We will revisit the idea of bi-weekly cabinet meetings, to ensure we can iron out the best info along with the continuation of bi-weekly cabinet reports we want to ensure our cabinet is operating on all cylinders. We will ensure everything is in line and running smoothly with the information we collect. Transparency also hits the table, a big issue to us as well for this administration. As Conservatives, we believe that the general public should know the issues that the executive branch is dealing with and what’s happening inside their government along with what we are doing to solve said issues.

III. Legislative Branch:

The Legislative Branch this term has shown some flaws in our current Legislative system. For instance, currently, Congressional Chambers struggle to gather quorum for sessions, ultimately slowing our legislative process. For this, an amendment to the constitution has been proposed, lowering the seats in each chamber to create a more competitive and active Legislative Branch. We plan on working with the future Congressional leadership to assist them in this minor transition in our state’s history. We, as your Governors, if elected, will work together to discover approaches to ultimately revamp and reform the Senate for the better. We will work with the Speaker of the House to further ensure that the House of Representatives can continue to keep to a high standard for the people. As earlier said, transparency is always for the best, and we know that concerns have arisen about Congress and that exact issue. We will continue to work towards a strong and active Congress for this term, as it is something we are keen to focus on.

IV. Judicial Branch:

The Judicial Branch under Firestone has picked up speed this past term. With more judges nominated by my administration, we filled the extreme vacancies in the branch. We want to continue to work together with Chief Justice Skye_Jones to assure the Judicial Branch continues to thrive. With the steady flow of new judge prospects, thanks to the mentorship programs put in place and the addition of law school businesses, all the controlled variables are in place, we just need an interest in the career path to rise. Plans are obviously to nominate any good prospects into a position, and to get our Supreme Court to healthy numbers once more.

V. Goals:

Here are the general goals we wish to push for if you’re in a time crunch:

-Looser gun control laws.

-Continued scaled back involvement in the G4 Group of Nations and States.

-Establish Firestone Department of Parks and Recreation (if not done in my current term)

-Clear separation of powers from State and County via legislation.

-Continuing organization and updates of the Criminal Code.

-Revised law enforcement “name and badge” protocol

-State Secularism Law (similar to what the United States has in place, “no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof.”)

-More Judicial nominations to the Supreme Court and District Court.

-Ensure the FBI is set up and run smoothly to ensure previous issues held do not reoccur.

-Work towards assisting Congress in becoming more active and transparent with the public.

-Lower prison sentencing times.

-Firestone Census (done every 4 months)

VI. Conclusion

In the end, I always want to be there for all my citizens and supporters, knowing that they have someone who they can talk to and express their concerns. I want to continue a policy of clear and transparent politics whilst still working across the aisle with other political ideologies and opinions. Ash1835 and Joshernaut will always fight for every square inch for our agenda and most importantly you. We want to continue to ensure this state is operating at its fullest potential and protect it from any enemies abroad and within. We appreciate the time you invested reading our speech, and now we hope we can earn your support and your vote down the line, thank you.


Ash1835 Gubernatorial Candidate

Joshernaut Lieutenant Governor Candidate


hell yes support

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I HEREBY ENDORSE GOVERNOR ASH1835. also josh dont fail as the president pls i trust u tho because u were a good speaker.


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Another interesting pick for Lieutenant Governor.


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Support for the big brother.


I support! Make Firestone great again! And eat more hamburger.


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