Are business owners at a financial disadvantage for owning a business in the State of Firestone? A suggestion for management of pay and profits

I have recently joined some businesses as an employee and after speaking to some business owners, it has raised some questions that I have regarding how business owners pay wages to its employees.

It is my understanding (and do correct me if I have not fully got the idea) that a business owner is paying employee wages directly from their own bank account / wallet. The money they pay to employees is their own earned cash and the only way for them to obtain some profit from their business is to sell items to customers (which is not going to be be enough to pay a decent wage to an employee on a regular basis).

Does this mean that there is no advantage to becoming a business owner, as they are never going to be earning any profit or revenue for themselves? Other than the satisfaction of being a business owner and running a successful business, it seems you are losing more money than you are earning.

So, now I have raised the concern - let me discuss a suggestion:

At the moment, an employee will receive the money/profit from a customer when an item is sold. What if this money, instead of going to an employee, went into a business bank account (managed by the business owner) so that they could still earn a profit and distribute pay from money made via profits?

  • It would add more functionality to the bank and its banking accounts / systems.
  • It would provide more control to the business and its owner with account/pay management.
  • Business Owners would make a profit from the revenue instead of using their own money/funds.
  • It would encourage activity/shifts to be hosted for businesses as the more customers that are served - the more profit would be made to go into the business bank account.
  • Bank Statements could be provided to prove that funds have been paid (and this could be linked into law enforcement, such as the FBI to investigate any mismanagement/embezzling of funds).

This sounds like a very development heavy task, and I may have the wrong understanding of how this works that I am unaware of but after speaking to some business owners it seems they are all at a disadvantage and that this way of paying wages from their own funds provides them with no profit.

Let me know what you think about this idea and I hope something similar to this can be implemented in the future to provide more realistic use of businesses and their profits/revenue.


As a business owner, and employee of businesses in the state, I agree with this suggestion.


im sorry but no


and what happens when the business owner doesn’t pay their employees? What if they have to go away for a while? Nobody gets paid? What if they get banned? Business is screwed then, and employees don’t get their pay. Cue the lawsuits when a business owner is 1 day late to paying their staff - at least under the current system employees get some money instantly.

Like yeah it would be a good idea in theory, but in practice it’s not so simple.


stop paying employees

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You can already do this, no need for development. It just requires more manual steps. Force employees to donate any revenue to the business owner, who then redistributes it in wages. Alternatively, let employees keep a commission of every sale. If they don’t, it’s theft. The main reason businesses don’t do this isn’t because of development barriers, it’s because the revenue won’t be able to fund competitive wages anyway. Looking quickly at #business-announcements, Sweet Treats pays 500 FSD per 20 minutes on top of whatever they sell (I assume?). Even if that pay is subject to terms & conditions, it is impossible for 1 employee to sell enough sweet treats in 20 minutes to fund that, much less turn a profit. As long as other businesses are willing to go into the red, it’s not feasible.