Arborfield Press Release on Recent CE Protests

Release From The Deputy Mayor
Hello citizens! Recently, in all of Firestone, there have been protests. Protests about the alleged rigging of the May, 2018, County Executive elections. Personally, I would like to attempt to remain neutral on the issue while conducting my duties as Deputy Mayor. However, we all have bias.

Infact, I support all forms of peaceful protests on any issue that may arise and be worthwhile to the citizens of Firestone to attempt and tell the government what change they desire. This includes this issue. If the people believe it is important enough to them, to protest almost everywhere in Firestone. I support them. However, I do suggest that these protesters remain peaceful, as any form of rioting shall result in my withdrawal of support.

Whether or not any investigation happens, what result may come related to this issue. I suggest that you stand to the issues you believe in, and take a stand for what you believe is right. No matter how small that issue may be, your voice must be heard. Even if your voice is just heard by one single person! Your opinion matters here in Firestone, no matter what people say. Especially to us in Arborfield.

If you feel that your opinion does not matter, don’t give up! Others may have a similar opinion, of which you must find those who do. That is how change happens, which we need in order to improve our world.

I hope this speech is listened to by many, thank you.


whos the ce

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who knows

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It is disputed alot, but I believe it is mark. Someone can correct me if I am wrong.
I would ask IdentityLaw if you wish to have the actual answer.

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what do u mean, did the election results not come out

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Sp_encer won the election, but it is disputed due to the video proof of his inauguration being corrupt and such.
So, people think Mark is still the actual CE.

Very complicated situation. Again, I would ask someone like Identity for a better more concrete response.

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