Arborfield City Council

Hello, every citizen of Stapelton County! I, quackerboss, hereby announce my candidacy for the Re-Run Arborfield City council.
Here are my plans for the re-run of the Arborfield City Council. I believe with Cranky as the new mayor we can overall achieve better things.

Experience in Firestone:

DOBW: Advisor

Arborfield: Chairman

SCFD: Candidate (EMT)

And Previous DOT Employee.

I had joined Firestone about a year and a half ago and had to leave due to the fact that you could only be in 5 groups. I had rejoined around 6 months ago and immediately joined DOBW after around 2 months I went from Senior Employee to Advisor. In between that, I had enrolled in FFA for my EMT-P certification and got it around 3 weeks after being enrolled. I recently had stopped playing Firestone due to school and a mix of other things but now I am settled and I am back.


  1. Get the City Council to be more active

  2. Work to drop the crime rate of Arborfield

  3. Listen to the public (all questions can be sent to me @quackerboss#4247)

  4. And Make sure to have a great relationship with the County Government

  5. Cut down on the speed limit around the Fire Station and Hospital so there aren’t as many wrecks with emergency vehicles.

What I did in the last term:

  1. Created and held sessions

  2. Got the Council to be way more active than the term before

  3. And Held a good relationship with the County Government.

I hope everyone reading this will vote and support me.










Election over.