Arborfield Business Fair Sponsored by Emdy Coffee

Hello everyone!

Emdy Coffee will be sponsoring a business fair for the City of Arborfield. This event will be basically a block party located on 105th Ave in front of Emdy Coffee. Businesses will be invited to come and park in the street and in our parking lot. The road will be closed off with the help of DPW.

With the help of the public, I would like to see what the best time would be to host the event. Please pick an option below.

The event will be hosted on Saturday, 9/3/22.

  • 3 PM EST
  • 4 PM EST
  • 5 PM EST
  • 6 PM EST
  • 7 PM EST
  • 8 PM EST
  • 9 PM EST
  • 10 PM EST
  • 11 PM EST

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Please leave any questions, comments, or concerns in the comments. Thanks!


11 pm est too late for people




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