Appreciation Post

Hello everyone, I’m Senator Fastbird4!

Some you may know me, others may not. I was elected as one of your Senators, back in May, for the 7th Congress of Firestone and I can proudly say, for my first term in congress, I stayed strong and kept my head high this whole term. Yes, this term was very rocky regarding the Senate’s activity and the House’s massive resignations. Though it was a rocky term I still managed myself, did my best, held to my values, stayed active, and stayed the whole term.

Sadly I will not be active for the final days of my term. Some of you know I live in southeast coast of North Carolina and Hurricane Florence hits us hard tonight and early tomorrow morning. I will most likely be without power for 1-2 weeks (possibly less or possibly more). I will have to celebrate my birthday this year, 9/18, picking up the aftermath of a hurricane; my birthday present this year is a hurricane, woo!

But anyways, all I can say is thank you as I could not have done it without you all. Thank you for voting for me and thank you for the chance you have given me to serve you in congress as your Senator. I was honored to serve this term; even though it was rocky, I personally grew and gained the knowledge and wisdom of a state offical. I would like to also say thank you to my fellow congressmen/congresswomen and the good friends I made who helped me during this term. Finally I’d like to thank the developers and founders for making Firestone possible. Sadly I will not be rerunning for office as I simply do not have the time.

Thank you for taking the time to read this! See y’all in about a week or so!

Sincerely and with warm regards,
Senator Fastbird4


I only appreciate your accent

But best of luck with the storm :3


Stay safe dude. Best of luck to you and your family.


Stay safe

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Hurricanes are just Big & Wet Angery Clouds


another one bites the dust

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hey i said that when u resigned along with the others for being corrupt


at least nature is giving you a gift. In a way its a party just for you!


Also this isn’t a resignation… this is just me stating I can’t be active for the next few days.

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