Apparently we campaign for cabinet positions now

Everything in this post is in reference to this:

First off, I think we’re all tired of people that campaign for cabinet positions. If you think petitioning the government to hire you will work, you are dearly mistaken.

Second, this entire situation makes me lose brain cells. You make a document that petitions for you to get nominated for a cabinet position that someone has already been nominated before, make the entire document about how they’re such a bad person and then end it off by talking about how you stand on neither side of this.

Let me be bluntly honest about Nicole. She is the last person I would choose for DoH secretary. I created a shortlist for the governor on potential candidates and God knows I did not put her on it. She lacks the experience, traits, and temperament needed to lead a department. I think her starting this situation in the first place is good proof of that.

Now, responding to her attempting to “expose” Pent:
Most of this “evidence” (if you can even call it that) is over or near a year old. Not to mention, the “evidence” presented is literally… nothing. She posts a few pictures of him saying some curse words, posts a picture of him clarifying DoH’s rightful capabilities under the Health Act and how he planned to ensure competency, posted an April fools joke he was part of, and some other irrelevant things.

Pent is one of the most dedicated, intelligent, and organized people I know in Firestone. He’s been serving as second in command of DoH for months already. He’s the Health Department’s Chief of Staff, the FFA Deputy Director, and has been the Assistant Chief of SCFD.

All this “petition” is a sad and disgusting attempt to take someone’s nomination because you do not personally like him. Make no mistake - he is the best fit for the position.


looky here, even SCFD high command has problem with said person.

I have flaws, everyone does, good job shifting blame to me and now onto other people because they exposed his bad side.


Let me say this fighting, I do not have any issue with pent. I was fine with him becoming DOH, I didn’t mind the nomination. It was some members within SCFD that was not, let’s not pin the blame on someone who doesn’t care about the nomination and wants to continue her job.


wow uh… this makes me sick at the amount of disrespect that’s been displayed from the individual and i truly don’t think i would want him in office >~>

and i don’t believe this nomination, if it’s passed by us at the senate, would benefit and more would harm the ties between scfd and doh.

i will be asking questions at the senate session Pent has a chance to speak to us


Everyone can be crude at times. This document meant to “expose him” purposely only shows mean stuff he’s done, and most of it is extremely old at that.

It’s also misleading that the document didn’t provide dates. Most of this stuff is over a year old.


I will use said chance gladly. You can even DM me where I’m willing to talk about the evidence as well


What exactly are you referring to? The false accusations you made against my staff so that you can go out in a bang? DPS looked over it and decided there were no issues.


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