Antonio_Gamer1567 for Redwood City Council

Hello dear citizens of Redwood, my name is Antonio_Gamer1567 and I am running for a seat in Redwood City Council. I have been a member of Firestone for nearly a year but I have not been very involved in its events which I plan to change now.

Past work and experience:

  • Deputy Mayor of the City of Vancouver
  • 4x President Pro Tempore of Vancouver City Council
  • 5x Vancouver City Councillor
  • head of government and the state in multiple
  • wrote many laws in Vancouver (dm me for examples)

My plans:

I plan to write new bills and amend the ones that are old and do not fit current needs of the people of Redwood. I plan to work alongside other members of the City Council, Mayor and members of higher levels of government to make Redwood a better place for its residents to live and the tourists to visit.


I ask you for your trust and your vote in this election as I am sure that I can do some great things if I get elected for the Redwood City Council.
If you do trust me enough to give me your vote please reply to this post with “support” so I can get on the ballot and start doing great things within Firestone legislative community.
*For any questions feel free to contact me in DMs, my username is antoniohr.



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wait bro wrong election

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uhm. council elections are not open!

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Well thats on me

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I thought they were

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Elections not open.