An Amendment to Criminal Code Chapter 3


PREAMBLE: Due to the vagueness and loopholes within the current definition of Failure to Comply this amendment is being proposed in order to have a better more definite definition.

§1: Criminal Code Act Chapter 2-3 shall be amended and shall be defined as Criminal Code Act Chapter 2-3

§2: Section 3(g) of the Criminal Code Act Chapter 2-3 shall be amended, and shall state: Failure to Comply shall be defined as: (Failing to abide by ethical and lawful orders given by law enforcement officers.). Law enforcement officers must have reasonable suspicion or probable cause to order an individual. It shall not be considered Failure to Comply if the individual is not committing an illegal act; otherwise, the law enforcement officer has no legal basis to order the individual.

§3: This legislation will be enforced by all law enforcement agencies of the State of Firestone.

§4: The above legislation shall be proposed to the House of Representatives, then if passed, shall move onto the Senate, and if passed then this legislation shall go into effect immediately once signed by the Governor; unless vetoed by the incumbent Governor.

Respectfully submitted to the House of the State of Firestone,

Chief Sponsor(s):
Speaker of the House, Rinextel

Representative, SerZhukov
Representative, NotoriousAmerican

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