An Amendment to C.III.IV

An Amendment to C.III.IV



With the following events that have occurred with WaterLostic, an Associate Justice of the Supreme Court with the State of Firestone Courts decided to issue a warrant on an individual known as WaterLostic for “treason” when WaterLostic did not cause a foreign state to go to war against the State of Firestone nor did he even aid the enemies of Firestone. “Whoever, under any circumstance, levies war against the State of Firestone or adheres to its enemies, giving its enemies aid and comfort be it in wartime or an attempt or nearing to such, may be charged for “treason” against the State of Firestone.” Warrant: (Warrant to: WaterLostic). Nowhere does the warrant state any ‘valid’ evidence of WaterLostic committing the actions stated above; the warrant is completely unjustified and can’t even be nullified or voided due to Section IV, Article III of the Firestone Constitution. This amendment shall make it so that the action of nullifying and voiding a warrant is possible.

Section 1: The State of Firestone Constitution shall be amended.

Section 2: Section IV, Article III of the Firestone Constitution shall now read: “Warrants may be either for the purpose of Arrest or for Search and Seizure. An Arrest Warrant permits and requires all Law Enforcement to continually arrest the person(s) in question until the warrant ends. A Search and Seizure Warrant permits and requires Law Enforcement to search the person(s) in question and their property, as well as seize any possessions that may link the person(s) in question to a crime. Any Law Enforcement Official may request a warrant. Only Judges of State Courts, composed of the Supreme Court, Appeals Court, and the District Court may issue warrants. A Law Enforcement request is not necessary for a Judge to issue a warrant. For a warrant to be issued, evidence must be provided proving the commission of a crime beyond doubt and the preferred duration of said warrant must be provided. No warrant may be for unjust purposes, and no warrant may be issued for an unnecessarily long period. An issued warrant may be nullified and voided by the Chief Court Justice should it be deemed plausible by the Chief Court Justice. All warrants must be made through a Google Drive PDF ([FIRESTONE] Example of PDFs.pdf - Google Drive) , a Firestone Forum(, or a legitimate Trello card signed by an actual or previous member of the Firestone judiciary on either of the following boards in the list “Warrants” or “Active Warrants”: Trello or Trello. All warrants must be made public information, evidence used for the justification and/or issuance of a warrant must not be classified and must be publicly accessible. All Law Enforcement are expected, permitted, and required to enforce warrants unless otherwise specified by the Judge that issued the warrant or the Chief Court Justice.”

Section 3: This amendment shall go into effect immediately upon passing both chambers of congress.

Section 4: All laws in conflict with this amendment are hereby declared null and void.

Respectfully submitted to the State of Firestone Congress,


Representative. Virginian_State


Senator. Sir_Mr


(Houses) Passes, 2-1-0


(Senate) Passes 3-1-1