An Amendment to a Bill to Recognize False Arrest

An Amendment to a Bill to Recognize False Arrest


Section 1: This legislation shall amend and replace: (A Bill to Recognize False Arrest): []: That legislation shall be updated with this legislation.

Section 1A: This legislation shall make sure that the act of falsely arresting an individual is a prosecutable act.

Section 1B: False arrest shall be defined as: The act of wrongfully seizing an individual and imprisoning that individual without having the proper probable cause of that individual committing an act of a crime.

Section 2: This legislation will allow individuals who have been falsely arrested by law enforcement personnel to prosecute the particular law enforcement personnel who falsely arrested the said individuals. Law enforcement personnel who are accused of falsely arresting an individual and are proven guilty in the Firestone Court of Law of falsely arresting that said individual shall be charged with a misdemeanor and be given jail time that shall be justified by the Firestone court of law.

Section 3: This legislation shall be enforced by the Firestone Court of Law. The Firestone Courts shall oversee all cases that relate to false arrests. (Court Justices or higher will oversee all cases related to false arrests).

Section 3A: The Firestone Courts shall be defined as: [Firestone Courts - Roblox] (Court Justice+ oversees this legislation).

Section 4: This legislation shall go into effect immediately once it passes the State of Firestone Congress and is signed into law by the Governor.

Section 5: All laws in conflict with this legislation are now now declared null and void.

Respectfully submitted to the congress of the State of Firestone,


Senator. Virginian_State

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