An Act To Give Homeland Security Appropriate Powers of March 2021

Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the State of Firestone in Congress assembled.


To give the Department of Homeland Security its appropriate powers and authority through an Act of Congress.


(a) May be cited as, “An Act to Give Homeland Security Appropriate Powers of March 2021” or “HSAP 2021”.
(b) This Act shall go into effect immediately once going through the Constitutionally required critiera.


(a) The Department of Homeland Security is hereby established, defined as Firestone Department of Homeland Security - Roblox.

(b) The Department of Homeland Security is responsible for preventing terrorist attacks, reduce the vulnerability to terrorism, minimize damage and assist in recovery efforts, carry out functions regarding to manmade crises and emergencies, to work with the Bureau of Investigation on targeted attacks on critical government infrastructure, and to contribute to efforts to end such attacks.

( c ) The Secretary of Homeland Security is the head of the Department, appointed by the Governor by and with the advice and consent of the Senate of Firestone.


(a) All functions of all officers, employees, and organizational units of the Department are vested in the Secretary.
(1) except as otherwise provided by this Act of Congress, the Secretary may delegate any of the Secretary’s functions to any officer, employee, or organizational unit of the Department;
(2) shall have the authority to make contracts and cooperative agreements, and to enter into agreements with other executive agencies, as may be necessary and proper to carry out the Secretary’s responsibilities by this Act or otherwise provided by law;
(3) shall take reasonable steps to insure that information systems that are classified to be tightly secure, and public information is compatible with each other of other Departments.


(a) The Department of Homeland Security shall be composed up of the Secret Service, Crisis Response Team, and the Federal Protective Service, with all lead administrative positions decided by the Secretary.

(b) The Secret Service is a sub-division of the Department of Homeland Security, tasked with protecting government officials, critical government infrastructure, and to provide protection assistance to ambassadors while on foreign diplomatic missions.

( c ) The Crisis Response Team is the states tactical team tasked with providing tactical support to the Secret Service, tactical support with hostage and bank robbery situations, and to combat any attacks on any government infrastructure.

(d) The Federal Protective Service is tasked with protecting critical government infrastructure.

(e) Critical government infrastructure is such as, but not limited to, the State Capitol Building, Governor’s Manor, District of Prominence, Department of State Building, the Founder’s Residence, and any government infrastructure determined by the Secretary.


(a) The Department may issue advisories, alerts, and warnings to a company, government entities, or to the general public regarding potential and confirmed threats to critical infrastructure or to the State as appropriate, and to begin taking any voluntarily submitted information.

(b) The Department has the authority to arrest and or detain any subject within the State provided that there is reasonable and valid probable cause.

( c ) The Department also has the authority to question any subject within the State provided that there is reasonable and valid probable cause, and as well the subject’s rights are not restricted or violated.

(d) The Department of Homeland Security’s jurisdiction applies to the entire State of Firestone, they could and shall respond to any emergency within the State.

(e) The Department of Homeland Security shall be able to lockdown the State Capitol, the Governor’s Manor, and the Founder’s Residence, under the instance an emergency occurs that threatens the lives inside or near, in the instance such as riots, insurrections, and or potential damage to government property, or for the safety of those near, by the Order of the Governor.


Senator Zeyahne


Secretary colorful_parrots


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