Allow us to use radar/speed gun in car

  • Also known as speed gun, LADAR, RADAR, etc.

I think we, LEOs, should be allowed to hold radar guns* whilst in our vehicles. In real life, police hold radar guns in their cars. Why can’t we?

Yes. There is a system where we can’t equip tools whilst in the car. So we could just hold it and then get in the car. And we can unequip it when we get out.

So basically. Allow us to hold radar guns whilst sat in our cars.

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two things, support and psp ftw

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Note for those who can make this happen. Don’t just look at the replies. Look at the likes too, seems like a lot of people want this to happen

also add an alpr so ppl dont have 2 keep checking bolo

you do realize that V3 has to be ENTIRELY rescripted bc of the old dev and ur asking for something that’ll take a while to script

lets be honest here, V3 will probably not happen in a long time.



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have a partner sit in the passenger seat with it out and have em tell you who to pull then THEY write the tickets

You don’t always have a partner

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It is literally no scripting to hold a radar gun, which we already have, then sit in the car (which we can already do). And then jump to get out the car, which we can already do, and unequip it, which we can already do.

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I was responding to the auto-plate reader that brent was referring to, the ALPR system xd

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Oh lol :joy:

most leos in real life use them when the vehicle is stationary, i am almost certain that people won’t be using the radar gun stationary. just park your vehicle in a spot thats out from the open and use your radar gun like that.

theres a reason for why you can’t equip your tools when your in the drivers seat.

It’s a pain having to unequip the tool and quickly get back in the car when a speeder passes by. It might be out of sight by the time you get back in your car.

As far as I’m aware actually, some do. They have built in cams which do ANPR/ALPR and stuff, but some also do speed whilst they’re moving, if they’re at the speed limit etc. We wouldn’t have an ALPR system, so we can just use the radar guns.

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I want to be able to use the radar gun whilst flying without being shouted at. We should be able to use it anyway in ASU when flying but we’re not.

i got a speeding ticket by passing a cop oncoming
places got radar built into the car so they can see cars speeds without needing to hold up a radar gun

got the ticket in February, finally got it dropped from 15 over limit to illegal parking :sunglasses:


that makes no sense. how is that even possible

you’re in the air over 250 studs above, your radar gun wouldn’t be able to detect the speed, and it also wouldn’t be accurate at ALL

helicopter being above the air & moving + other vehicle driving, wouldn’t make sense.

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I don’t agree with asu being able to use it in the air, sorry. Unrealistic.

But on ground in car, I still fully agree with of course

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