Allow us to mute player radios

It is so annoying when kids think they’re funny playing bypassed audio of some racial slur, or loud obnoxious repeat of a woman screaming, a literal train horn, or someone smacking on food. Either allow us to mute all car radios or individual cars, it is simply annoying having to hear some stupid audio someone think is so funny by repeating it when they just have the humor of a 9 year old


Already exists, /mute and /unmute

nvm that’s for protest signs, ignore me


Surprised such a basic feature hasn’t been implemented already


most gamepasses are expensive for what they are so people want to see their purchase recognized


300 robux is not expensive, even then youre still able to use your radio. People are still able to hear your radio. Just if you’re being annoying people wont have to deal with it. Or if someone doesnt want to hear the same song repeated for the 500th time they can actually do sometihng about it rather than having to lower their entire game volume and not hear and other game audio. They wouldn’t even know if I muted their car radio, so it has no effect on the actual person that purchased their radio as they are still able to use it and allow their friends to listen on if they also find their 9 year old humor so funny.