All FS FRP Rules/laws

Okay so, I need someone to list everything that is FRP in Firestone, because heck firestone is getting more and more retarted in my opinion, that’s why a lot of people are moving to different state groups I mean my god. So, I Jump in water to avoid a pursuit and I get cuff rushed and they say ‘FRP’, How the heck is jumping in water ‘FRP’? In real life criminals have done that…and cops can cuff you underwater…Anything that makes it hard for the police to catch you is now considered FRP. I Ran up to a trooper and said bites- he said ‘FRP’ You can only use your fist and kick to assault, otherwise, you have to use a gun. An Officer was doing a traffic stop and I rammed into him and he said ‘FRP’ Move along. How is hitting an officer during an traffic is FRP?, Only ramming into scenes with intentions to RUIN it is FRP from what I know which actually makes sense…I Got pepper sprayed by a trooper and I got up and ran and he cuff rushed me, and he said FRP if you are peppered it is FRP to get up. All i’m saying is FS is making me tired of playing it even though I love it so much because of all this FRP crap it’s really annoying on my end. Also, during a pursuit, a cop flipped and i said FRP, He answered with ‘we can flip but you can’t’, and I hate it when cops frp then arrest YOU for frp.

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Yes, this is much needed.

There’s too much to really list, just use common sense. “FRP” claim has become more of an opinion than anything. Criminals jump in and out of cars while Cops must break into them. What dictates ramming people as FRP and true RP?

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Exactly my point…use common sense. Jumping in water obviously Isn’t FRP, Whitelist crashing into an RP medical type scene SHOULD be labeled FRP For obvious reasons. Of course, if someone is hopping from car to car it’s FRP… But ramming into cops during traffic stops should not be FRP, While ramming into a scene where cops/swat/crt is trying to breach a building with hostages should be FRP, Use common sense like you stated, some police officers abuse this term ‘frp’ and use it for ANYTHING. Jumping in water, FRP, Ramming a cop during traffic FRP, Bitting/hitting with any object FRP, kidnapping LEOS FRP, Getting up after being pepper sprayed FRP, The list goes on and on my point is Firestone needs Offical rules for what is frp and what isn’t because to you it’s to much but not to use…FRP Is a bannable offense and I spent too much time on FS to get banned for not knowing some lame FRP rule…

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Make a bill that defines FRP

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isnt there already one?

There is two.

The only reason jumping off the bridge into water is FRP, is because @FederalLaw told us it’s against ROBLOX ToS (promoting self- harm). DOn’t yell at us for it, we’re following Founder’s Orders. But, I agreee on just about everything else.

FRP is Fail Roleplay. It means, that if you do anything that is impossible in Real Life, then it’s Fail Roleplay. Examples: Taking out a gun while in cuffs; sitting down into a car that is still driving; getting out of a block by flipping your car; shooting through the roof of the car by using surrend animation and etc. All that stuff is impossible in Real Life, and so it’s FRP. Just use common sense.
But I agree, that having a proper law that will define actions incase of FRP and also will give citizens ability to punish an officer for FRPing.

There. Is. A. Proper. Law.

fs is broken due to FRP. like i’ve said before no ROBLOX state can ever achieve any kind of realism due to the fact roblox and real life are way too different and there is so many things that would need to happen to even have slight realism. i mean in what city do you see like 5 cops by a car dealership 24/7

if anybody is going to make a list of FRP offenses, it’ll be the dev team, since you know, LEOs or congress doesn’t enforce frp


If there is then show me it. The one I saw is absolutely improper.


Alright, I see now, this law is good enough.

You: does something a LEO doesn’t like
LEO: Yells “FRP”

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Lol yes, one time a cop flipped in a pursuit, and then I flipped and he said ‘Wow wow buddy, we can flip but you cant, it’s FRP for citizens’ Idk if this is true or not but i was like bruh

That sounds incorrect

I heard the same, and I believe it was confirmed as well. From my understanding, it is FRP for civilians to flip their vehicles whilst it is ok for the LEO agencies to flip their vehicles.

idk why, but when im patrolling, i’d rather stick to not flipping and dropping out of the pursuit itself.


I find it illogical that law enforcement can flip but citizens can’t. I tend not to punish those who flip because it’s overall a controversial topic and there’s some points I don’t agree with- but there’s not much we can do about it.