All blue lights for SCSO

So my suggestion is making the ELS for SCSO all in blue, here is a list of some police departments that have all in blue in real life. Yes, I know it’s State Patrol and Highway Patrol but whatever.
SCSO deserves this thing, after all FSP got, we need somthing too.

1.) Alabama Highway Patrol

2.) Arkansas State Police

3.) Florida Highway Patrol (FORMALLY)

4.) Georgia State Patrol

5.) Kentucky State Police

6.) Louisiana State Police

7.) Maine State Police

8.) Massachusetts State Police

9.) Mississippi Highway Patrol

10.) Montana Highway Patrol

11.) New Hampshire State Police

12.) North Carolina State Highway Patrol

13.) Ohio State Highway Patrol

14.) South Carolina Highway Patrol

15.) Tennessee Highway Patrol

16.) Vermont State Police

17.) Virginia State Police

18.) West Virginia State Police

Please comment if you like the idea, or have any thoughts about it.

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Best Wishes,
-Mr. Law.

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If anything, only FSP would get all blue lights.

This has been brought up in the past, and FedoraMasterB98 gave a stern no. If this was to be re-considered, then have a developer unlock this thread.


stop asking noobs

i’ve said scso and dhs will get tauruses

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