Adding a button to remove hats for LEOs

There are times when you spawn at the station and here and there you accidentally step on the hat giver. It becomes an inconvenience at times because now you gotta wait 10 seconds whether by resetting or changing teams. So how about making a button that gives you the option to put on or take off the hat.

This has been used for SERT and SWAT which is convenient because they can put on and take off their helmet whenever they please. However I think it should be implemented to other departments where they have headwear so if they wanna take it off due to accidentally stepping on the hat giver or just want to put it on or take it off as the please.

In conclusion, I think this should be added because it’ll save someone from resetting their character and doing whatever routine they need to do before patrolling.


No support, skill issue

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no, unnecessary

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Its 2023 and we don’t have uniform givers. What makes you think you’ll get this?


Yet it would be useful if it was added how many times when you were FSP did you have to rest?


your lazy

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when i was in fsp i just walked around it lol

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