Accepting nonviolent felons into FFA?

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For those of you who absolutely foam at the mouth at anything related to this, that’s Coney Island-Stillwell station in Brooklyn, New York City.
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Ever since I got CTO, I’ve been doing some thinking. I’ve been wandering the streets on Stapleton a lot more than I used to, since I now get to interact more with our students on the streets. Talking to them, driving with them, going for a walk, et cetera.
In the mix of all this, though, is a recurring conversation that keeps popping up. It goes something like this.

Student talking to guy.
Guy talking to student.
Student says FFA is fun or something similar thereof.
Guy complains because they had felony arrests and they can’t join academies to get a job, so all they can really do is commit more crime.
I’m somewhere over to the side listening to this going on and can’t help but think [feelsbad.png].

Whenever I talk to these people, I really do get the feeling that they want to be involved in Firestone again. They’re complaining about not being able to get a job, they want to be more involved in the community, they know they’ve done stupid shit in the past, and they’ve changed, but their record still sticks with them, so they can’t get into exciting fields like firefighting or paramedicine or, (more understandably so, though,) law enforcement.

This is also an issue that affects some of our current students, who want to remain in FFA and continue taking classes, but are considered criminals for nonviolent, relatively minor offenses. Right now, FFA has a zero tolerance policy on arrests and felonies- so these students can’t complete their education and join the SCFD simply because of a single arrest on their record. Sometimes they’re lucky and can get it expunged, sometimes they’re not, and it sticks with them for the rest of their career, and, as much as it sounds cheesy, it ruins their hopes, dreams, and future in Firestone, and ultimately they end up committing more crimes because they simply can’t get anywhere else anymore.

now that i’m CTO i get to do more public relations, and there’s a percentage of people who are criminals who want to go into our academies to pick their lives up in FS but can’t due to their record
some criminals change and honestly do want to be part of our community again- this also affects current FFA students who may get arrested for minor offenses, but this ultimately sticks and leads to their expulsion from FFA, ergo they can’t get into SCFD for actual RP, ergo they turn to a life of crime because they don’t have an actual future or career in legitimate Firestone jobs anymore

So, in my decision to consult Mack, Pent, my fellow CTO Flame of the Romanus Senatorius Consulatus Legislatus Governmentus, I also decided to query some public opinion on the only group of intelligent individuals that I know.
I’m not talking about the Forums, I’m talking about Reddit. I’m talking about the Forums.

The argument for this is, these criminals have obviously shown change and want to become involved in Firestone again, particularly firefighting and paramedicine, their records don’t allow it because they got arrested and/ or have felonies, the only alternative they have is leaving Firestone (presumably for Mayflower, which sucks, or for Mano, which sucks, or for Docklands, which sucks), or committing even more crime.

Yes, I get it, you’ll all be saying, “but jeff you shouldnt take people with felony arrests at all”
Okay, but what about the one person who got arrested for felony speeding, took it to court, and got charged with contempt of court because they tried to explain their case, and they’re pretty much now considered an actual criminal by the judicial system?
i can provide plenty of more examples but that’s pretty much the only one my brain can think of right now

tl;dr k so im here asking everyone on here what you think, these guys have obviously changed from a long time ago, they want to be involved in our community, but they can’t for small crap

There’s obviously going to be criteria involved in choosing students from former felons:

  • No more than three felony arrests
  • No felony arrests committed within the last two months (may be changed)
  • No violent or contraband based crimes committed- assault with a deadly weapon, possession of an illegal weapon, etc.
  • Two paragraphs (or more) on how they’ve changed, recognizing their actions, and why they want to enter FFA (this prior to the actual enrollment exam)
  • Strict supervision of records during the Academy- any new arrests will disqualify them and will result in immediate expulsion from the Academy

It’s now up to your thoughts and feelings about this:

Should nonviolent felons be allowed a chance to return to the community, enroll in the Fire Academy, get a job (presumably with the SCFD), become involved with actual Firestone roleplay, and turn their careers on Firestone around?

e: vote is public

  • Yes, following criteria
  • No

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Note that this is all hypothetical, but if it does have major positive feedback from the public, I’ll look into speaking with the SPQR government and beginning to implement this system.

the future of a good fifth of firestone depends on it

also i decided to do an april fools thing for next year and make FFA into a POST logo so here you go

additional edit: pls express your vote and thoughts below <333333


When you go to expunge but somehow manage to be idiot #1 and perjur yourself so you go to big boy prison you can rot for all I care


How about we just don’t accept any fuckin’ felons into FFA? I mean cmon man… the government isn’t gonna just allow someone with a record to do this shit.


But the point of Firestone is to have fun. IF you make a mistake, it shouldn’t affect your joy of the community. Especially when they have good intentions


and this is fiction based off of real life, there’s no reason why we should strictly stay with real life behavior- this is, after all, a community that’s intended for people to have fun

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Dude, record expungements are so easy to get. I was the hanging judge of the bunch and I still granted like 75% of expungements. Honestly, as long as you weren’t arrested like three days before your hearing, have an active warrant, or are a notorious criminal you will pass expungement. And the Courts have been really good about hearing them in a timely manner lately. I saw four done at once Sunday.
So if you can’t even get an expungement, you don’t need a second chance yet.


pfft I got kicked out of FFA when I was halfway done because I had a few arrests and citations.


which is why i’m looking into this


Breaking the law is not “a mistake” its a fuckin’ violation of a law. You don’t get arrested for minor shit, you get arrested for a reason. A record is there so that people know that fact. Yea have fun, but if you want to do this, then maybe don’t break the fuckin’ law.


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