A Referendum To Abolish The Department Of Health

SECTION 1A: A referendum shall be held in order to decide if The Department of Health will be abolished or not.

SECTION 1B: If the referendum is in favor of abolishing The Department of Health, all who are employed with the Department of Health will be relieved of their duties and positions.

SECTION 2A: The Department of Health shall be defined as:
Firestone Department of Health - Roblox

SECTION 3A: The referendum will be conducted within seven days upon passing into legislation being in effect.

SECTION 3B: “A referendum” shall be defined as a general vote by the electorate on a single political question. The referendum will contain said question stated in section 3D.

SECTION 3C: Once a decision is made, this legislation will be declared legally binding.

SECTION 3D: The following question for the referendum will be identified as:

	Should The Department of Health be abolished?
		(i). Yes
		(ii). No.

SECTION 3E: Should the referendum be in favor of section 3D (i) The Department of Health, said department will be abolished

SECTION 3F: Should the referendum be in favor of section 3D (ii) The Department of Health will not be abolished.

SECTION 3G: Should the referendum be tied, the referendum will be reheld.

SECTION 4: All laws that conflict with this legislation will be deemed null and void.

SECTION 5: This legislation shall go into effect immediately after passage into law.

SECTION 6: The Governor of Firestone will enforce this legislation

Submitted to the Congress of Firestone

Chief Sponser(s):
Senator, MrEmote
Representative, Sparsh2005

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