A Reach to FSP High Command


Many of you are those who know me (maybe, depends on when you joined Firestone). To make this story make sense, I must start with an introduction for the newbies.


I joined Firestone mainly at the beginning of 2021, even though I had been POST Certified since 2019. I started with the Firestone State Patrol, with an employment time of just under four months. During that time, I had more fun than anything in the world. I met some really cool people, Ftlicious, ThinBlueBilly, and Former Captain LiamAvery_Mercado to name a few. These people had meant everything to me because they taught me more about Firestone. 4 months into my employment, I decided to test new things out and sent in my application for SCSO. This was an extremely hard decision to make, a lot of thought really went into it, and I decided to broaden my experience in that way. In a way, it was sort of a mistake. Mistakes can have good and upsides to it, such as education and losing things, in my case both would occur. About 2-3 months into my employment in SCSO, I had made the worst mistake of my life and shot a BFT bus for the purposes of creating “roleplay”. DPS investigated me and gave me a two-week suspension for it, which honestly should have probably been more I admit. As with that, I gained two things that day, knowledge and a disciplinary action on top of my SCSO Termination from 2019 for failing the Sheriff’s Office Academy. At this point, it started to reflect on me badly, as it took many months to recover from that, and I still am. At that point, I was sick of law enforcement and left my position for the House of Representatives. I think this is more than enough to simply show where I started.

Why am I reaching out?

Well, those who had applied to FSP may have known I failed their applications, there is no exact reason on the tracker, but in my Direct Messages between me and Captain SirAnthonyMelchett.

As you all can clearly see, I failed the High Command review, as to which I was given no real reason as to why. I just generally want some answers to clear the air between not only me but for future applicants for the Firestone State Patrol. I had spent 8 hours* on the single application, and it was denied for reasons I have no clue as to why?

Questions I would like answered

Why was I failed in the High Command review stage?
Can the High Command maybe do something to be more transparent to its applicants?

These are generally the only questions I would really like answered, as I would love to see the communities thoughts on this aswell.

Screenshot - 2930eeaaa1d263d721a439c5bab5d135 - Gyazo *proof it literally took me 8 hours, beginning to finish.


I see what your saying I may not be FSP but I can say that it is a bit unregular to be doing that. After doing 1 application and a test just to fail. I’m sure you and I can understand why then can’t give out all the information though I think they state a simple reason like “Issues with backround check” or etc. Not providing exact reason for failing which I know no other department does.

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Yeah, agree perfectly with you. I was told not to DM high command on why I failed so this was a last resort.

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Honestly, there’s always bias and jazz and really it’s kind of a dicky move from FSP. (Not claiming that the application process had bias) but no matter how dicky it is it really isn’t illegal by any means. I mean even FNG gives reasons (albeit vague reasons) for failure so I’d urge Congress to make some legislation to further inform applicants on the status of their application. Apps have always been dogshit in this state and it’s time that admissions officers be a bit better.

Also melchet I love you this isn’t directed towards you ly


I am Captain SirAnthonyMelchett and I’m responsible for the state patrol’s admissions team and will be answering on behalf of the state patrol’s high command, to whom you have directed this question.

Our admissions process has been engineered in such a way to minimise the effects of bias or favouritism on the part of admissions staff. Our application is noticeably shorter than most other departments. This is because we have substituted policing knowledge questions with individual questions about the candidate, where their policing knowledge is evaluated at a later stage.

Once submitted, each candidate’s application must be reviewed by at least two admissions officers and one senior member of staff before a verdict is to be reached during the initial review stage.

Upon completion of the initial review stage, the candidate is moved to the advanced referral stage, consisting of a high command review and the submitting of an aptitude test, which has a strict mark scheme with limited access to junior members of staff.

I cannot tell you what is specifically evaluated and looked at during the high command review as that would compromise our admissions process. However, high command review does encompass many factors including, but not limited to the candidate’s: community standing, department standing, community record, department record, behaviour, performance, anything uncovered through further vetting of the candidate and the candidate’s application. Entry into the state patrol academy is not guaranteed and high command may turn away any person for a number of reasons. As a result, approximately nine candidates, out of sixty-five, have failed the high command review and have been offered the same notice.

I hope this response has helped to answer your question. Any further questions can be directed to me at AlexanderThorold#3856.

Captain Melchett


You were not told not to message any member of high command. You asked “if [you] direct message High Command, they could give me feedback?”. I replied no as their answer would have been the same as mine.


Ah yes, I see that. I just wish it was more transparent as I can not fix something I do not know of.

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I understand where you’re coming from, but hopefully I’ve managed to answer your concern and that you understand our position.

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Why do we resort to the forums for every little thing…

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