A new prison system in V3!

The problem with the v2 prison system before the day break room was added was that when you were arrested, you spent 100-900 seconds in a small cell (depending on how bad the crime was) which would be a waste of time and gameplay. Adding on, if crims got sentenced to several hours in DOC, what would they do in a small cell?

Well the day break room was added in v2 but it generated several more issues; fights were common and if you placed someone in solitary confinement, they can just reset and respawn back in the day break room. Nonetheless there isn’t anything to do. Prison guards literally stood at the CP regardless of the amount of inmates before and after the daybreak room probably handling logs or watching a youtube video. Even with the day break room, one officer would just sit at the holding area from time to time. Knowing this from experience as a former corrections officer (x2) which makes DOC one of the most boring jobs and places to be.

So to avoid this issue in v3, I have a new update idea for the new prison system!

Prison schedule; Ever played jailbreak and prison life before and noticed how they had a time schedule gui? For example, 8:00 AM was breakfast time and so forth automatically opening up doors to the designated area. Well I think this should be implemented in v3 giving inmates and prison guards some activities to handle. Here would be the schedule as follows;

  • Wake up: 6:00-7:00, cell doors open and the cell block should be expected with inmates in the general area, guards are required to search inmates and be present.
  • Breakfast: 7:00-8:00, pretty generic, cafeteria doors are opened up with trays of food for inmates to get to boost up their appetite bar. Afterwards, inmates are searched for spoons.
  • Work: 8:00-12:00, inmates would be taken to work stations which would be laundromat, kitchen duty for lunch and dinner, forest area to cut down trees for export, and finally community service if enough corrections officers are on, that’ll be explained later on. Inmates are searched for the tools by the guards before lunch. You would get paid how much depending on the job and it would be added when you finish a job (each tray of food for kitchen duty is +20$ for example).
  • Lunch: 12:00-13:00, Cafeteria doors open once again and inmates are given food to boost the appetite bar, similar to breakfast and are searched after.
    Free time: 13:00-17:00, gym area doors open up and inmates are given a bunch of activities to participate in, such as hanging out, shooting hoops as a minigame, and lifting weights to boost their strength meter. Afterwards, they are searched by the guards for any contraband.
  • Dinner: 17:00-18:00, doors close up to the yard and the doors leading to the cafeteria open up providing dinner by the inmates who did kitchen duty earlier in the day. Afterward are also searched.
  • Inspections: 18:00-19:00, prison guards search the room and then inmates before placing them in cells.
  • Lights Out: 19:00-6:00, inmates stay in their cells and can sleep if they want to and await the next morning to come.

On top of that, you can hide the time remaining you have and the rights listed so they don’t interfere with the fun you have behind bars as an inmate. The corrections officers would also be given the schedule gui as well so they know where the inmates should be located.

Contraband; Inmates can choose to be cooperative or be disruptive so they may use a shank, which would be hidden somewhere in the prison. If the inmate kills a correction officer, he or she has a chance of dropping a glock, some ammo, a key card, or all three or even nothing. Any tools used in the work force would be deemed as contraband outside of the work force they are in, which include axes, trash sticks, and a kitchen knife. Kitchen duty inmates can sneak some of the items like the shank or kitchen knife for example in baked goods. If caught with any of that stuff outside of the work place, the officer can place the inmate in solitary confinement which would be more explained later on.

Tools; Since we got these new jobs, there will be the tools needed for it to work. For kitchen duties, they get unprepared food for lunch and dinner, utensils essential to the kitchen, and dishes. For woodwork, it would mainly consist of an axe. For laundry, it would be relating to baskets, detergent, and “uniforms”. For community service, inmates would be given a trash stick and trash can.

Now let’s say a lockdown happens due to a prison breach, prison riot, or break. Any guards that are at the prison have the inmates go in their cells and then sound the alarm which closes up all doors. Only DOC and SERT can open and close the doors to get from room to room as they would have keycards. If it’s during work hour, same protocol happens, only with those in community service, the officer would be informed along with FSP (more info on that later) and the inmates would be hauled back immediately.

Solitary Confinement; Since inmates may be disruptive, they may need to be given consequences. So what happens is, the corrections officer would cuff the inmate and take him or her to the solitary confinement block and book them in adding on a solitary confinement team so they only respawn in a solitary confinement cell. Depending on the offense, they will be given additional time added onto their prison sentence and also solitary confinement time depending on the offense.

Spawning; when an inmate gets placed in the prison, they will spawn in the location according to the schedule. So if it’s yard time, they spawn in the yard with other inmates and so on.

Prison breaks; Since the prison should have an escaping mechanic, it should be similar to v2’s. Only, you can obtain a keycard from a guard you might’ve killed or if you somehow get into the guard’s section of the prison. When an inmate escapes, alarms will sound and all doors close up making the 911 call to LEOs.

Community Service; As you know, community service is a prison job. So if there are a certain amount of prison guards on, they can do community service. This would be on FS95, 98, 401, and cities so as a result, FSP or SCSO would need to respond as well so if inmates attempt an escape, FSP is right there to stop them. Trash would be littering the highways and can be obtained by the sticks and placing it in the garbage (which would be a placeable). Afterwards, inmates are searched and escorted back to the prison.

Visitation time; There may be a time where a friend comes to the prison, so the inmate would be called out by the officer and would be taken to the visitation room where they can spend a certain amount of time talking (up to the officer’s discretion and shouldn’t be a timed feature). In another words, similar to v2.

Finally, we have resource limits;
Food and other resources wouldn’t be unlimited if the shipment update happens in v3 (link down below). So there would be supply deliveries that can also provide possible break ins to spice things up. So officers shouldn’t search the trucks just to provide fun although this shouldn’t be common and it would be beneficial for organized crime. Anyway, there will be box trucks that would only be allowed in the prison where they can drop off the boxes of food and other useful resources. If there are no more resources in the prison, the shortage announcement would popup meaning little to no food or other items. This can only apply if shipment companies are in game or people are on the trucking and shipment job so the mechanic wouldn’t be abused. There would be a small port for boats to provide supplies as well which MD would have to monitor them so nothing suspicious happens.

Based on this new feature, it can give inmates something to do to kill their time in the prison, prison officers will have to rotate from the checkpoints to the separate locations of the prison just so there are inmates that are under control and guards won’t have to camp out at the checkpoint for most of their shift. FSP and SCSO would be given something to do with the community service feature as well providing the starter departments something to do such as redirecting oncoming traffic and assisting DOC in making sure inmates are doing their job. This would also benefit civilians and guests for the shipment part so they can contribute to DOC.

A good point was made if DOC doesn’t have any on, and that would be that the contraband and jobs that feature potential weapons would come with an alert saying “DOC isn’t on, come back later!” and food would spawn in for lunch and dinner hour.

So, what are your thoughts on this?

Link to shipment idea: V3 shipment update!


lol what? whenever there’s enough COs on I’ve always seen people rush to CBDR to do soup or just supervise there.


in my case, not really and it was a rare circumstance when I see that type of thing. Anyway that’s more of a v2 issue and I had been in DOC before to know that the DBR was unattended in certain times, so I would hang out there. Anyway, I’m not gonna continue because I am no longer in DOC so the department must’ve changed more since my departure

Good Idea only cons I see is that this would be a lot of scripting just focusing on the prison alone which would probably contribute to more lag but I am no dev idk what impact it would have on the game’s performance. Especially since we can now get over 900 seconds at least in alpha stage I was arrested and got I think 1200 seconds so uh, ya we need something to do


These are some of my own personal thoughts on this

Prison Schedule:

This idea on paper is good and I like it, but if you were to put it into practice it would probably become a bit of a hassle. Not enough COs may be on to say supervise the inmates in specific areas or to manage tasks. Let’s say that enough COs were on it’d be good to have a specific schedule for inmates to follow for yard time, workshop, cafeteria, etc and would allow for more diverse roleplay.


I wouldn’t like to see inmates with firearms inside the prison for multiple reasons; this will cause mass disturbance inside. Fed has already ruled that in v2 firearms aren’t meant to be used inside the prison so this probably wouldn’t happen anyway.

Alarm System:

I kinda like this idea but it has a few issues with it - it’s unfair for both the inmates and the COs in some scenarios.
Imagine that a group of inmates managed to get ahold of a keycard and have opened a series of doors to let other inmates escape, as soon as the alarm sounds those doors will close again (yes they could be reopened but its still annoying).
If the alarm sounds and the inmates are not in the cell block then they will be locked in an area like the workshop or kitchen and it could be difficult trying to transport the inmates back to their cells if the doors were to all suddenly close. This is just a mild inconvenience, not something major though.

Solitary Confinement:

It would be better altogether if incarcerated individuals didn’t have the open to reset at all.

Community Service:

Doubt fed would let DOC go there and could provide easy chances for inmates to escape. This would also take a long time to organise but this could potentially be a good roleplay opportunity.

Some of my own ideas would be that inmates would have to manually choose to respawn on the citizen team after their sentence is complete, as to not interrupt roleplay (kinda like when you die in V3). If an inmate was actively engaged within an activity, like kitchen time, workshop, an escape, or RP with another inmate or CO, their roleplay experience may be cut off short if they’re instantly just respawned at CD. Maybe this could be an optional feature, so you could choose whether you want to be automatically respawned or you could manually respawn for those of you who may not like this idea.

Assistant Warden
Firestone Department of Corrections


Yeah there are kinks in it I gotta admit but merely this would not make it boring like it is in v2 from my personal experience in DOC before and after the DBR as pretty much that is the only area an inmate may have freely. I can also understand the frustration of seeing keycards happening during lockdown mode which is why a keycard should have a 5-10% chance of a drop rate when an officer is killed, not a whole 90% of it being dropped because well imagine 3-4 inmates in the control panel, the offices, and the armory.

i liked to make the inmates fight when i was a correctional officer

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OR MAYBE A PRISON?? we barely got one, the one we got rn don’t even work

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I would genuinely love to see one specific idea stated here, and that’s Community Service. Currently, for people who enter a plea agreement or a non-disclosure agreement, they agree to work/conduct themselves with the Department of Public Works. I’d love to see DOC getting involved with Community Service for convicted members and as long as they aren’t violent it’d definitely get us to have something that isn’t so couped up on our own lonely island.

It would also look great for PR just saying

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That’s a general idea I like as well. DPW has the essentials of cleaning up but irl, you don’t see inmates dressed up as trashmen. A perk I can add for those on community service while in DOC is that they would have time reduced as well as cash being earned. Courts can benefit from the community service as you said

You do have a cell block and solitary confinement but yes I understand your point. I believe this feature should be added when more of the prison is pretty much done

good to know



we cant access it lol

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Oh yeah true lol sigh colorful

its an alpha???


yeah but there are features like hiding a body in your trunk with a rope yet u cant have an open door to a building? The entire job of DOC in V3 right now cannot be done


I mean merely the point of my idea is for when v3 prisons are finished with being built since no one has access inside the main cell block

incitement is not ok scriblelz


good idea but this would require a serious amount of activity

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That’s the idea. It’s so it can give CO’s something more to do in v3 as well as give prisoners a thriving schedule with loads of activities rather than just sit in a closed off room wasting 100-900 seconds or more of their real life in doc

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