A House Resolution to Impeach Firestone Fire Academy Director CaptainCrosslay


MAY 4, 2022

Mr. ADMIRAL_RICKY (for himself, Ms. Automationeer, Mr. crankyIuke, Mr. BlueLineEnforcement, Mr. Baconman1499, Mr. MatthewSandringham, Mr. L_3ee, Mr. DiazEdmundo, and Mr. Hmmm_Poul) introduced the following resolution:


To impeach CaptainCrosslay.

         Be it enacted by the House of Representatives of the State of Firestone here assembled,

    WHEREAS, on May 3rd 2022, Former Governor DyingSym took hostage the investigatory and control boards of the Firestone Department of Public Safety through removing all other users and privating the boards, making it only visible to himself.

    WHEREAS, on the same day, Former Governor DyingSym attempted to engage in a negotiation with Deputy Secretary of Public Safety Kamraxn, demanding he change his profile picture to the LGBT Rainbow Flag and for Secretary of Public Safety HxppyTeddyy to admit involvement in the Aigio incident and resign.

    WHEREAS, Director CaptainCrosslay stated he was on the Former Governor’s side, that he does not care about the situation, encouraged the Former Governor’s acts, encouraged the Deputy Secretary to accept the unacceptable ‘deal’, and furthered the Former Governor’s agenda through means such as the Firestone Forums.

    NOW THEREFORE, as powered by this House under C.I.VI.IV, Director of the Firestone Fire Academy CaptainCrosslay shall be impeached for gross misconduct and the commission of a misdemeanour (specifically Chapter 4, Section 9 of the Firestone Criminal Code). Evidence for such shall be this video.


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