A great pursuit

fed’s recent idea to do voice-only patrols with others acting as “dispatch” has made it clear to me that he is willing to entertain somewhat unorthodox events at v2. in the wake of this, i propose an event: a great pursuit.

a certain number (ten?) of well-known, notable criminals (perhaps from the fbi’s most notable list) are chosen. conversely, the leo departments nominate 1-2 (# of leos equal to # of criminals) employees of their choosing, whether they be the most skilled shooters or the best evoc drivers.

let me set the stage for you.

these ten criminals, or however many are chosen, spawn in redwood and each spawn their own cars. they are given a ten-minute head start to purchase guns, partner up, et cetera. during this time, the chosen leos gather in one place to plan, partner if they so choose (maybe fsp + another to utilize spikes?), and prepare.

at the end of the ten minutes, the hunt begins. the criminals set out in their vehicles, and the leos pursue them. the leos’ goal is to capture (preferable) or kill the criminals before the end of a set amount of time, like an thirty minutes to an hour.

to decide a winner, there can be a points system or something. point to the criminals per kill, two points per successful escapee at the end of the time. two points per leo capture, one point per kill. the criminals and leos must not stay in one place for more than five minutes to prevent camping.

if the rules are dumb thats on me. obviously subject to change as lord fed decrees. thot it was a cool idea idk


  1. once you’re dead you’re dead
  2. lock the server and have non-potato pc participants live-streaming with delay
  3. some sort of advantage or insta-game win objective for criminals
  4. monetary prize??
  5. perhaps restrict to a smaller portion of the map

some rule changes would be nice, this sounds like a stupidly potentially fun idea. reminds me of when the co-founders hosted a team elimination competition a couple of years back where departments sent their best to duke it out with other departments.


even tho I’m not a leo or crim this seems fun


Seems kind of cool to be honest


um this is pretty much v2


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