A Bill to Solve Election Issues

to Solve Election Issues

After the May 2018 County Executive Election issues occurred within the election results. This legislation shall set a solid answer to some of those problems faced May 2018.


SECTION 1. After the results of any election are released the elected official shall not offiicially take office(along with oath) until twenty-four(24) hours after the results are released.

( a ) An investigation into the election can be launched within this twenty-four hour time zone. The investigation shall be launched by the Firestone Election Committee if requested with at least twenty(20) supports on a forum.

( b ) If an investigation is launched into the election within this twenty-four hour time zone the elected official shall not officially take office(along with oath) until the investigation is concluded.

( c ) If the investigation occurs for longer then seventy-two(72) hours with no conclusion the elected official shall be permitted to officially take office and be sworn in.

( d ) If through the investigation evidence is presented about wrongful doing(as defined in Section 2 of this legislation.) during an election done by the elected official, the elected official shall forfeit the office to the runner-up with the second most votes.

( e ) If there is no evidence presented during the investigation period that shows wrongdoing by the elected official then they shall officially take office along with swearing in.

( f ) If evidence is presented after the elected official has already taken office that evidence shall be brought to the Firestone Congress in the form of a impeachment.

SECTION 2. Wrongful doings during an election. The following shall be considered wrongful doing during the period of an election and shall result in the forfeiting of position if found guilty by the Firestone Election Committee.

( a ) Creating accounts to vote in elections.

( b ) Defamation towards other candidates that is false or from another state, or country group.

( c ) Targeting other candidates voters or supports in a negative way against that candidate.

( d ) Any and all illegal issues as determined by legislation

SECTION 3. Reasons for votes to be thrown out. The following shall be reasons for votes to be thrown out.

( a ) Voters must be in the State of Firestone in order to vote. If a voter leaves the group during the election that vote shall not count. If during the investigation period it is found a voter is no longer in the state that vote shall be thrown out.

( b ) Any and all illegal issues as determined by legislation

SECTION 4. The Executive Branch shall enforce this legislation along with the Firestone Election Committee.

SECTION 5. Upon the passage of this legislation by both the Senate and House of Representatives and subsequently being signed by the Governor, this bill shall be made law and go into effect immediately without delay.

Chief Sponsor:

Senator, American_Honor

Senator, DevMartavis

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