A Bill to Organize Political Parties within Firestone

A Bill to Organize Political Parties within Firestone:

SECTION 1: This bill will organize all political parties within Firestone.

SECTION 2: The following parties shall no longer be recognized by the Firestone Political System due to inactivity or being disbanded.

2A. Firestone Democratic Party - Roblox ~ Firestone Democratic Party

2B. Firestone First Party - Roblox ~ Firestone First Party

2C. Firestone Libertarian Party - Roblox ~ Firestone Libertarian Party

2D. Green Party of Firestone - Roblox ~ Firestone Green Party

2E. Progressive Conservative Party of Firestone - Roblox ~ Progressive Conservative Party

2F. The Firestone Centrist Party - Roblox ~ Firestone Centrist Party

SECTION 3: The following parties shall continue to be recognized by the Firestone Political System.

3A. https://forum.roblox.com/Forum/ShowPost.aspx?PostID=206183428 ~ Firestone New Democratic Party (Not Recognized Yet)

3B. Firestone Republican Party - Roblox ~ Firestone Republican Party

SECTION 4: The Legislative Branch shall enforce this legislation

SECTION 5: This legislation shall go into effect immediately.

SECTION 6: All laws in conflict with this legislation shall hereby be declared null and void.

King_Splxsh, Representative

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