A Bill to Illegalize Driving a Watercraft Without Lights

A Bill to Illegalize Driving a Watercraft Without Lights


SECTION I. The act of Driving a Watercraft Without Lights shall be recognized as an unlawful criminal offense within the State of Firestone, and shall be considered an infraction.

SECTION IA. “Driving a Watercraft Without Lights” shall be the act of driving a watercraft (above 0 SPS) at night or in poor weather conditions without a mounted light or a headlight on the watercraft being switched on.

SECTION IAa. “Poor weather conditions” are defined as rain, fog, smog, mist, snowfall, or any condition which impairs the vision ahead substantially.

SECTION II. Any person charged with Driving a Watercraft Without Lights shall receive a 100$ citation.

SECTION III. On-duty members of the Firestone National Guard and of the Firestone Department of Corrections shall be exempt from this legislation, should they be conducting an operation that requires them to turn off their light on their watercraft.

SECTION IV. This legislation shall go into effect after following the Constitutional procedure required.

SECTION V. Should any part of this legislation be declared unconstitutional or otherwise struck down, the rest shall remain in effect unless all is struck down or declared unconstitutional.

Respectfully submitted to the Congress of the State of Firestone,

Chief Sponsor:

The Hon. Stamose, Senator


The Hon. Clonemep, Secretary of the Department of Boating and Waterways

The Hon. Brentvx, Representative

The Hon. GeneralCount, Representative

The Hon. Ash1835, Representative

The Hon. Francisco_Mango, Representative

The Hon. CongressionalDefend, Senator

The Hon. AddieRxse, Senator

The Hon.CoolPilotCaio1, Senator

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