A Bill to Give Civil Court Purpose

Preamble: This bill shall give Civil Court Purpose and allow people to appeal their blacklist and terminations. Punish those who abuse their powers with power.


SECTION 1: The State of Firestone Courts shall be able to see civil cases for any current reason and all reasons stated in section (2).

SECTION 2: The State of Firestone Courts shall be able to hear civil cases about the following: Wrongful Termination, wrongful blacklist, and violations of rights by the staff of county or state departments/agencies. They shall have the full authority to null wrongful blacklists, give reinstatements, and punish those who are convicted of a rights violation by suspension or termination (excluding department heads). Cases may be appealed to the appeals court and the supreme court by the losing side.

SECTION 3: A termination may only be deemed wrongful if it was on the following grounds (as to be determined by a court): race, sex, sexual orientation, religious beliefs, or for speaking out against corruption, injustice, error, etc. (whistleblowers).

SECTION 4: Wrongful blacklists may be from any department or agency, including regulatory agencies and academies such as the Department of Public Safety and Peace Officer Standards and Training. A blacklist may only be deemed wrongful if it meets one of the following criteria (as to be judged by the Courts): it is for generally unjust purposes, it is provably false in reasoning or evidence, it is used for a provable personal vendetta by the person(s) who imposed it, or it is used to circumvent a court-mandated reinstatement (contempt may be criminally applied for this at the discretion of the originating judge).

Section 5: No court-ordered punishment such as a suspension or termination may be taken to its own civil court case under this legislation, but must go through the normal appeals process for the respective case.

SECTION 6: The Firestone Courts (Court Justices +) shall enforce this bill.

SECTION 7: This bill shall become law when passed by both chambers of Congress and signed
by the Governor.

SECTION 8: All laws in conflict with this legislation are hereby declared null or void.

Respectfully submitted to the State of Congress,

Chief Sponsors:

Representative, Sir_Mr
Associate Justice of the Supreme Court, DannyBoyLaw
Governor, OfficerVideoGame


Chief Court Justice, FIoatmanjason
Representative, Darknight1503
District Court Justice, 1superchris2


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