A Bill to Combat Vehicular Assaulters


PREAMBLE: At the request of an esteemed citizen of the State of Firestone, whose exact words were “We need to make the punishment much bigger for ramming people and a more effective way to handle it since it’s getting out of hand.”, this legislation shall be summoned to combat those who assault others via vehicles.

§1: In accordance with this legislation “A Bill to Establish Vehicular Assault Laws” shall be amended.

§2: Section 2A shall be amended within A Bill to Establish Vehicular Assault Laws" and shall now state: “If an individual is found to be in guilty of Vehicular Assault as defined in Section 2 of this article, said individual shall have the penalty of a sentence of minimum two-hundred (200) seconds but not exceeding three-hundred (300) seconds in the State Penitentiary upon first offense. Upon second offense an individual shall be subject to a penalty of four-hundred (400) seconds but not exceeding five-hundred (500). Upon third or higher offense an individual shall be subject to a penalty of six-hundred (600) seconds but not exceeding eight-hundred-fifty (850) seconds. Further, Vehicular Assault shall be considered a felony offense.”.

  • §2.1: Section 2 shall in no way affect the courts and or mandate them to follow the sentence times set within this legislation. The Courts shall be able to determine their own times at the discretion of the presiding justice.

§3: This legislation shall be enforced by all Law Enforcement Agencies of the State of Firestone whom have the authority to arrest.

§4: This legislation shall go into effect upon being passed from both chambers of Congress.

Respectfully submitted to the House of the State of Firestone,

Chief Sponsor(s):
Speaker of the House, Rinextel


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