1Zaywill5665 for County Council!

Hello, Citizens of Firestone, I am 1Zaywill5665 and will be running to become a Councilor for Stapleton County again! So I will make this as straightforward as possible while making you think of voting for me!

Who am I

You’re probably wondering, who’s this nobody running for County Council? My name is Zay, and I have been getting more involved in this amazing state. I am POST Cert and even a business owner! I’ve served x2 Terms in the council and a week as chairman!


  • POST Cert
    -Council x2
  • Redwood PD
  • Business Owner

I plan to listen to YOU! I feel that the most important thing as a County Councilor is to listen to the people of Stapleton County, the citizens would know the best for what we need and I am here for you! I want to hear your ideas and what you want for the county. I am not here to hold the power and hold a title, I am here to make a difference for you!

I also plan to talk to Law Enforcement Agencies, Medical Agencies, Civilians, Businesses and their workers, and Public Service Workers! I plan on hearing what they think needs to be done so we can ensure that all aspects of Stapleton County are heard and appreciated.


In the end, I might not be the best option, I don’t have much political experience and I am not well-known around Firestone. But I can promise you that if I achieve this position. it will be my goal to make a change and listen to every citizen in Firestone and I hope you will join me on my journey!

God Bless Firestone


Support to the County Chairman! Best of luck making the ballot

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Why is everyone posting right at the last second lol. Support

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I support, but not too much

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I support pooks



Election concluded. See voting: City Mayor & County Council Voting, 2024-1