14OTH for County Council


Hello, my name is 14OTH and I am currently running for County Council.
For those who don’t know me or have never heard of me, I’ve served in 3 Departments in Firestone

My plans for County Council is to make fair votes and listen to our citizens voices your voice is VERY important to me. I’ve seen many citizens disagree with most county council decisions but when I get elected in office that will change.

Have you ever been a County Council before?

No, this is the first time I am running for a position in Firestone.

Are you affiliated with any party?
No, I am running independent.

Thank you for reading.

Respond with support if you would like me in office.

Note: If you’d like to ask a question message me on discord

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Elections over. Results at County Council Elections of March 2018.

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