Last Updated: August 20, 2018

Forum Usage Guidelines

1. Be respectful to everyone.
2. No witch hunting, doxing/ddosing, logging IPs, or anything of the sort.
3. No NSFW content - if it wouldn’t be allowed at school/work, don’t post it.
4. Post appropriate threads in their appropriate categories.
5. If you see an inappropriate thread/reply, be sure to flag it to get the attention of moderators.
6. Disagreements between threads are OK, but attacks are not. Insulting or derogatory posts will be deleted and actions will take place.
7. No epileptic profile pictures, user card badges, signatures, posts, or anywhere else on the forums.
8. If you need assistance, feel free to direct message any moderator on the forum.

Frequently Asked Questions


Can I post memes or puns?

No, you can not post memes or puns. If there is a thread specific for such content created by moderators/administrators, then feel free to meme on!

How often can I bump my thread?

Simply bumping threads will not be allowed. However, if you have any relevant information to add on to the thread, feel free to use such information as a bump tool. However, simply typing “bump” to be on top of the list is spam and useless. Just don’t do it.

As of August 2018, the bot will auto bump open threads in #elections:election-speech.

How do I get my banner advert up there?

Every now and then, we will look at the google form and update the banner adverts. These typically take from one week to one month. You can see the entire advertising system here:

How do I donate?

Because the Forums is on a paid hosting service that charges us on a monthly-use fee, we have several opportunities for members to donate. If you wish to become a monthly donor, you can do so using Patreon or our in-site donation services. One-time donations are only through the website donation page. Otherwise, you can use one of the limited services to pin your topic on the homepage for 48 hours!

You can view the information on where to go and the rewards offered here: Donations

How do I request my data?

Because not everybody reads the terms of service and privacy policy, you can DM @pathwaysbball to request your data. You will receive an e-mail from with your data information. You can find more information in the Privacy Policy or Terms of Service, including when to expect a response.

Please keep in mind that the guidelines may at any time be changed. It is the responsibility of every user to follow the most updated guidelines. If there is a change, we will try our best to inform everybody about the change.