Zobie126 for senate

Zobie126 for senate:

Careers and Employment:

Smootheory Manager
Emdy Operations Manager
The Firestone Patriot: Founder & President
Employee at Sparks Snow
Employee at Pigeon Kebabs
Employee at Firestone Originals Pizza

Although I may not have much experience, I will make sure your voice is heard.

        My plans for Senate: 

Pass Legislation to help citizens of Firestone
Talk to citizens about what they need and want done in the Senate

Make me be your voice as senator. Vote zobie126 for Senate on //____

Please say “Support” so I can get on the ballot.

 Thank you!
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is that an fs citizen if yes u needa specify the name

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yes it is, let me get them to state there name

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any experience? if not, how do you think you’ll gain voters compared to others running with experience?

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because i am cool

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elaborate on legislation you would pass to “help citizens”

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As a senator, will you cause drama for your own enjoyment?

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it was sarcasm and was not meant to take seriously

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go vote Firestone Special Senate Election Voting of November 2022