xTwoRightx for House of Representatives

[xTwoRightx for House of Representatives]

xTwoRightx’s manifesto/speech:

Hello, I’m xTwoRightx I will be giving a speech why I should be a congressman and not these loser that don’t know what they doing to help the group be more better and stronger.since I have been in firestone for a while to the point where you understand what firestone needs; Congress requires a representative that is hard working, active, loyal, dedicated, trustworthy, and bold. I am willing to step out of my comfort zone and go much farther with my career in firestone by benefitting the state with what it needs to thrive. I have also been apart of seeing people killing people for a good amount of time to understand the concept of the laws that used in Firestone , so I will up be willing to update or add laws into The firestone by simply creating a legislations first so that it can go through congress, and hopefully pass both chambers to be signed into law by the senators . As for non law enforcement agencies, I will also make sure that they’re benefitted. I will like to help out the group stop all these crime and make SCFD and police more better job that they doing right now.



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Bad Grammar, And legit called us congressmen “losers”. No support.

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is this a joke wtf

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Actually I support