Why FSP Gold Command's Recent Promotion of AlexMinghetti was a total mistake

August 25th, 2018, at 11:51 PM EST,

The Gold Command of the Firestone State Patrol promoted Corporal AlexMinghetti to the position of Lieutenant. This is a very controversial promotion, and here’s why it was a mistake.

AlexMinghetti’s Past Experience

Since my resignation from Major back in July 2018, I’ve seen AlexMinghetti rise up the ranks. He became a Captain, and later a Major within the Firestone State Patrol. He was a hardworking individual, but something changed in him that later costed him his position.

AlexMinghetti’s Demotion from Major to Captain

During his time as a Major, AlexMinghetti had shown multiple accounts of immaturity in Discord, where he intentionally linked a third party discord regarding the fictitious character, Taaj Manzoor, part of the BBC satirical television show, Come Fly With Me. This discord became densely populated with Firestone State Patrol employees, and became a very immature place of contact. AlexMinghetti and the individuals within this discord would later move back into the Firestone State Patrol discord communications server in order to perform a spam raid towards people who “opposed” Taaj Manzoor’s ideologies.

This would lead to a crucial point of controversy where the entire department command would ultimately decide to vote on AlexMInghetti’s demotion to Captain.

AlexMinghetti’s Demotion from Captain to Corporal

Last Wednesday, or August 22nd, 2018, Superintendent Fobagosalot announced AlexMinghetti’s additional demotion to Corporal, as seen below.

The specific reasoning behind this demotion is unknown, but it was still a demotion that was voted by command, as seen below as-well.

I find it ridiculous to find that an individual that was just demoted to Corporal to be eventually re-promoted back to Lieutenant in a matter of days.

The Mistake.

I find that the promotion of AlexMinghetti is completely insubordinate / idiotic. The promotion of a person that was demoted twice for immaturity back to Lieutenant is completely baffling. It’s an incompetent decision from the Gold Command and it should be changed back. There’s no excuses. You don’t simply demote an individual and then re-promote someone with 3 days of recovery. There’s no point of demoting him in the first place if you were going to repromote him back.

Gold Command chose Alex over many other Sergeants that were proven to be competent enough to serve a platoon. They have the experience, they have the knowledge to do so, and it’s just odd that they would choose Alex over anyone else already competent enough for the position.

What are your thoughts?

I would like to see your opinion of this promotion. Please refrain from slandering anyone within this thread. I’m keeping this as a reference point, and possibly a chance for FSP:GC to rethink their decision.

What are your opinions of this promotion after reading this forum?

  • I am fine with AlexMinghetti’s promotion.
  • I am not fine with AlexMinghetti’s promotion.
  • I have no strong opinion of AlexMinghetti at this moment.

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Thank you,
Representative Inventize.


Alexminghetti’s demotion from captain to corporal was extremley bias

How is it bias?

The vote was done by bronze command+, meaning that sergeants and lieutenants were voting on the termination of a captain. This is horrible as They can be influenced to demote alex because they would want a PROMOTION.


9/11 was Alex’s doing, stay woke kids


additional evidence regarding the spam raid


Mr Representative,

I find this absolutely hilarious how you feel the need to interfere with departmental operations, as a previous poster has mentioned, after further thought, I found the vote to be subject to bias. Thus, I hosted a Gold Command vote and we agreed to re-instate him to Lieutenant, skipping one rank so I didn’t violate EO 27. Everyone has their faults but they also deserve a second chance.

Those who are voting, I invite you to ignore the Rep as he clearly has no clue.

Thank you,


FSP Superintendent


Promotion to lieutenant is legal and is not able to be challenged.

Therefore you are wasting your time here, obviously the public does not care about this poll as most people have “I have no strong opinion of AlexMinghetti at this moment” voted.


ACTUALLY, your wrong there Sharm, anything can be challenged if anyone gives enough of a shit to challenge it.


This is insulting and technical slander. I have a clear field of experience within the Firestone State Patrol, and I would like to state that I have a transparent view on this entire promotion.

As I stated to you already, as seen below,

My personal intention is not to interfere with this department’s operation, but to disclose information regarding the promotion. I represent the people, and it’s my job to be able to inform the public of this promotion. I made this forum to gather the opinions of the people, and to see if people simply agree or disagree with this promotion.

rep. inventize


Once again, the public does not care about this topic, citing your poll saying 50% i have no strong opinions


The public were already informed as an announcement was made, your use of this forum was completely unneeded and I actually see it as a way to tarnish my standing within the Government.


I also believe that a spam raid, or violations of rules in discord should not result in a immediate demotion. (unless there is 7+ warnings = strike) or unless stated that you can get fired, or suspended for that

Instead, warnings should be handed out through discord


the discord isn’t open to the entirety of the public. it was made in the department announcements channel designated for individuals that were given access to the discord.


The spam is actually irrelevant, he was never punished for that. Not sure why that was brought up.


it proves immaturity.

i have to go to sleep. i’ll talk tomorrow.


Which is 300+ people, 90% of the people who need to know, are aware.

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He was dealt with, the command decided the punishment given didn’t match the crime and subsequently he received the next vacant spot.

Case closed.


Why giving Inventize permission to mention roles in FSP Discord was a total mistake


I agree, let me fix that.


Well the problem here is that many people are angered by the fact that they feel as if there are too many second chances and they might be angered since they didn’t get a second chance in a situation.

However, it might be beneficial for an internal investigation to set out protocol for what should happen.