When firestone mods cant count

i just decided to post this now cuz i wasnt feeling lazy anymore

i was warned only once in the server, the punishment for my second infraction? kicked because i had 3 warns apparently. Got warned 3 more times after, then got banned for having 4 kicks (i only got one)

i guess firestone mods cant count

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yessir rogers canada :canada:

disclaimer: i did this while taking a shit

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Can you copy and paste your Discord userID for me? Mod logs converts display name to userID after a ban, so I need it to search through your mod logs on our side to investigate this.



they did this to my boy obagmna too but he hasn’t even been unbanned yet even though mods recognized it was wrong

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womp womp

that means im done for then innit?

nah im js fs mods sometimes be tweaking

That do be wacky indeed. Will ask Fed and Path to unban

fr bro. atp in order to be a mod, the application should atleast ask for the applicant’s elementary school diploma to make sure they can atleast count proper :yawning_face::roll_eyes:

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W danny love u

You have been unbanned according to Fed

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tbh i wasnt even tryna get unbanned i jus thought this be a funny thing to post here for others to see for shits n giggles but ig it led to a better outcome :joy::joy::joy: